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After you stop swooning over the awe-inspiring travel brochures of pristine beaches and exotic surroundings of every Caribbean destination, you will probably start wondering how much your next vacation will cost.

There are 13 Caribbean countries and a collection of gorgeous territories that are part of other countries. That means you have a lot of wonderful places to choose from.

Barthelemy and Anguilla. The French Island and British overseas territory are often classed as the most expensive of the Caribbean destinations with the Bahamas coming in close behind.

Keep in mind you can always juggle your budget so you can stay in the place you dream of visiting. While some places cost more than others, finding a great flight or accommodation deal can make all the difference.

Being budget-conscious when it comes to shopping and tourist attractions can also help. There are so many free activities to enjoy on every Caribbean island and the best ones like swimming, sunbathing and hiking are free.

Starting with the cheapest destination, The Dominican Republic, here are some of our favorite Caribbean destinations with an approximate cost to fly return from Denver Airport.

Dominican Republic

What Is The Cheapest Caribbean Island To Visit?

The Dominican Republic is easy on the pocket and easy on the eyes. You will love all the natural beauty and warm hospitality that is felt as soon as your flight lands in this gorgeous Caribbean location.

Days will be filled with snorkeling, swimming, zip-lining and adventures through the jungle. When you go to the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve, you get to swim in a blue lagoon after a scenic hike.

There are so many accommodation options ranging from charming boutiques to big brand hotels in main areas like Punta Cana, Samana, Puerto Plata and Romana.

Time at a luxury resort with swimming pools, shopping, entertainment and spas all on-site is great for travelers who need to chill out and not have stress in the world.

If you are really into hiking or can’t resist epic mountain top views, Pico Duarte is the highest mountain in the Caribbean at 3,098 meters tall. You will need decent hiking gear, a guide and a few allowed days to conquer this beauty.

You don’t have to climb the tallest peak to see wildlife in the Dominican Republic, and it’s common to see iguanas, native birds, flamingos and even alligators in certain areas. That is just on land.

In the ocean, if you are into snorkeling or diving, you can see tropical fish, stingrays, turtles and dolphins. You even might see a migrating humpback whale between January and March if you are lucky.

Flight from Denver International Airport to Dominican Republic return at today’s rates: $435.

Antigua And Barbuda

What Is The Cheapest Caribbean Island To Visit?

Dive into the endless blue with warm ocean water and infinity pools, making the horizon look as pretty as a picture. The Caribbean Sea surrounds most of Antigua and Barbuda has well-preserved reefs, lagoons and a thriving bird sanctuary.

You can find pink and white sandy beaches that are Instagram-worthy and blessed with many sunny days.

With 365 beaches you can imagine the array of water sports and activities on offer. Diving, swimming, snorkeling, boating, jet skiing and paddleboarding are just the start.

Take a nature tour and learn about Antigua’s tropical ecosystem as you paddle along in your brightly colored kayak and admire the wildlife, scenery and peaceful atmosphere along the way.

Foodies will be in heaven with a huge selection of local food to sample and zip lining through the lush rainforest is an experience to remember.

Flight from Denver International Airport to Antigua and Barbuda return at today’s rates: $792.

The Bahamas

What Is The Cheapest Caribbean Island To Visit?

The Bahamas is one of our favorite tropical paradises in the Caribbean and for good reason. With the most pristine beaches in the world, a climate that is always warm and endless luxury resorts, it is the perfect place for a vacation.

A unique tourist attraction in the Bahamas is the pigs running around on the island of Big Major Cay in Exuma. They mingle and swim with the tourists and are looked after by the locals and are as happy as can be.

You can reach Pig Beach by catching a boat and from Exuma and Nassau, many tour companies sell packages to see this beach and some other interesting sights.

With over 700 islands you can have a lovely day aboard a boat with a group or private charter.

Your captain will drop anchor at the best spots so everyone can go swimming and snorkeling and you can have some beach time on an island where you might be the only ones there apart from the birds, reptiles, and crabs.

The all-inclusive resorts offer great deals so even though the Bahamas is one of the most expensive islands in the Caribbean you still can have an affordable break.

Flight from Denver International Airport to the Bahamas return at today’s rates: $561.


What Is The Cheapest Caribbean Island To Visit?

The lovely island of Barbados is a popular Caribbean island that is an independent British Commonwealth nation. We love Barbados for its jaw-dropping beaches, historic capital and pristine botanical gardens.

Lots of cruise ships stop in Barbados and it’s also a popular spot for surfers. If you’ve ever had a desire to learn, there are many surf schools where you can also rent gear if you are already experienced at riding the waves.

For something different, visit the historic plantation estate of St. Nicholas Abbey. There you can climb aboard an old steam engine that chugs along to Cherry Tree Hill lookout point. Then you get to see inside the Great House while sipping on rum made in the local distillery.

Local traditions like afternoon tea and cricket, the national sport, have been kept alive and are lovely to witness.

Any time of the year is ideal to visit with nice weather. July through October can see some great travel deals as it is the low season and you get the added bonus of less crowds. You might see some rainfall but Barbados rarely gets hurricanes.

Flight from Denver International Airport to Barbados return at today’s rates: $410.


What Is The Cheapest Caribbean Island To Visit?

You could easily go to Cuba and stay in your luxury beachfront all-inclusive resort and not leave the whole time.

A week or more living in luxury with the bluest ocean on your doorstep, giant swimming pools, the spa, dining, gym and entertainment – what more could you want? But don’t miss the capital Havana.

It is a city boasting beautiful 16th-century Spanish colonial architecture, including the stunning Castillo de la Real Fuerza and the baroque Cathedral de San Cristóbal Plaza Vieja. Add in the old-style cars and warm Havana hospitality and you do feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

The Havana seaside is pretty and might see some high-energy dancing that makes you want to join in the fun or at least light up a cigar and tap your feet on the sidelines.

Flight from Denver International Airport to Cuba return at today’s rates: $520.


What Is The Cheapest Caribbean Island To Visit?

You will feel like you’ve arrived in heaven when you get to the “C” of the ABC Islands where the sun is always shining. Even during the shoulder season, when prices drop, the weather is pleasant and there isn’t a hurricane season to worry about.

Colorful Dutch buildings, private beaches, epic snorkeling and diving, and restaurants that make foodies leap for joy, all await the traveler heading to Curacao.

Flight from Denver International Airport to Curacao return at today’s rates: $372.



What Is The Cheapest Caribbean Island To Visit?

Did someone say Jamaica baby? It is a paradise that comes with waterfalls, rain forests and of course sandy beaches that will win your heart the moment you dip your sandy feet in the water.

The locals are friendly, the food is amazing and the surroundings are natural and beautiful. It is no wonder Jamaica is on the bucket list of so many travelers.

Don’t miss the Bob Marley Museum and Rastafari Indigenous Village to soak up local history and culture and enjoy the reggae music that is a signature sound of Jamaica.

For the best travel deals stay in Montego Bay, Negril or Echo Rios, and you can find the lowest room rates from May to October if you don’t mind going during hurricane season.

High season runs during January, November and December. The cheapest month to jet off to Jamaica is August.

Flight from Denver International Airport to Kingston, Jamaica return at today’s rates: $468.


What Is The Cheapest Caribbean Island To Visit?

A charming little island just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Cozumel has an epic beach scene and Mayan exciting ruins to explore.

There are direct flights from some American airports like Charlotte and Dallas, or you can find a more affordable route sometimes by flying to Cancun and riding the ferry to Cozumel (departs from Playa del Carmen).

With lots of options that are convenient and affordable, you can easily get to Cozumel without breaking the bank.

Go between August and November for the lowest seasonal rates but note it is hurricane season.

Flight from Denver International Airport to Cancun return at today’s rates: $287.

The British Virgin Islands

What Is The Cheapest Caribbean Island To Visit?

Top-class yachting, pristine beaches and green rainforests are part of the package when you visit the scenic British Virgin Islands. If that isn’t enough you also have high-end resorts and sunsets that will leave you breathless.

The BVIs is an impression tropical paradise for travelers who want a classy vacation with lots of options to keep busy or relax.

There are four main islands and many smaller ones. Some people choose one island and hang out there the whole time and others go island hopping to discover which one is their favorite.

Every island has excellent water sport activities like diving, snorkeling, game fishing, kiteboarding, paddle boarding, windsurfing and kayaking.

Flight from Denver International Airport to The British Virgin Islands return at today’s rates: $523.

The U.S. Virgin Islands

What Is The Cheapest Caribbean Island To Visit?

Welcome to the U.S. Virgin Islands, a Caribbean destination that American citizens can travel to without a passport. St. John, St. Croix and St. Thomas are all lovely islands that are perfect for a peaceful vacation in the sun.

You could spend 2-3 days on each island or choose one to experience everything the island has to offer. Most travelers fall in love with the U.S. Virgin Islands instantly and go back annually to soak up the sun.

St. John is famous for its national park covering more than half of the landscape. This fabulous little island is teeming with nature and wildlife so appeals to hikers, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who loves a little solitude in the great outdoors but with a luxury resort not too far away.

St. Thomas is a fancy little island with excellent shopping, dining, spa and tourist attractions. You still have plenty of nature and wildlife to enjoy especially with the underwater world that can be explored by going swimming, snorkeling or diving.

Make sure you see Fort Christian and the Pirates Treasure Museum and the watchtower of Blackbeard’s Castle that dates back to 1679. St. Croix is a gem too.

Flight from Denver International Airport to The U.S. Virgin Islands return at today’s rates: $523.

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The face of travel is changing rapidly. We are proudly leading the industry with an innovative and flexible Book Now, Pay Later option. You can buy the air ticket and vacation packages by putting down a small deposit to secure the services and pay the balance in installments.

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