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We’re a Canadian travel agency established in Toronto which specializes in Air flight, multi-day tours and vacation packages.

Trip Support is an incorporation (INC) the company, which has been established on 2014 in Toronto – Canada. On 2019 Trip Support’s branch Has also been estabilished in USA, Newport Beach - California.

Trip Support is a small organization, structured as a “Top-Down Management”. The advantages of a top-down management approach are that the direction and activities of a company are focused on a specific set of objectives and goals and, because all of the company’s operational plans are derived from its strategic plan, it is easier to identify and correct any weak points in carrying out the plans. This business-structure helps Trip Support to stay sustainable for a longer period. Trip Support includes four departments, including Air Ticketing, Tour Operation, Marketing, and Customer Service.

A Well-known Entity

The Management’s extensive marketing and educational background enabled them to grow the business substantially, driving revenues from about 165,000 CAD in 2014 to estimated revenues in excess of 22.5M CAD for 2019, which shows an average growth rate of over 2000%.

One of management’s early insights was to formulate a novel travel financing service, and Trip Support started “Book and Pay Later” service in 2015, which it made Trip Support extremely competitive in its area of activities. Beside of the travel finance service, Trip Support continued to develop their expertise in all aspects of travel, by focusing on specific fields such as corporate services, leisure, special & tailor-made packages, luxury travel services, etc. to ensure further rapid and substantial growth.

Trip Support became a well-known entity in the GTA area. The agency expanded its business to include not only corporate business but also the immigrants’ communities as well as European and Asian visitors, providing the company with an international presence. Increasing its service offerings, Trip Support added an airline ticketing facility, cruise and tour counseling, and individual customized travel planning beside of opening the visa service section. All of these were done with a personalized service approach, consistently a key element in Trip Support's approach to travel arrangements.

Our Mission

Trip Support is committed to providing its clients with the best convenient and economical solutions for their travel and vacation requirements.

Trip Support staffs use the most up-to-date and current technology and financing tools that provide to the company’s clients with the best possible travel solutions and giving them overall satisfaction by offering high quality personalized, and tailor-made services and packages at the best possible prices. Trip Support is prude itself on its outstanding client care and communication skills. Trip Support objectives include establishing positive and lasting relationships with clients, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and highest quality procedures, overseeing operations with an eye to profitability and providing service beyond reproach. Trip Support Corporation is committed to going “above and beyond” to give our clients the best solutions.

Trip Support Inc. is presenting the travel business world a new travel financing service program now. Trip Support is offering to its clients a convenient payment plan without any credit check and extra boring and time-consuming documentation. This service is a combination of smart financing plan, risk management, quality management, and market study. Trip Support aimed to make a sustainable and profitable business for the agency as well as providing high-quality cost-effective deals for its customers.

Now, Trip Support is getting ready to grow in its new market, which is
eight times bigger than its traditional marketplace.

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