Trip Support

Book Now, Pay Later Terms

Last updated: November 23, 2021

Trip Support offers flexible payment plans via installment payments so you can book your travel plans more comfortably; however, all purchases are final and non-refundable.

By selecting the Trip Support Book Now Pay Later service (the “Service”), you expressly agree to be bound by these terms of use (these “Terms”).

  1. Consent and Promise to Pay

    The travel financing agreement (the “Agreement”) is between the borrower, referred to as “you” and “your” throughout these Terms and Trip Support Inc., referred to as “Trip Support,” “us”, “we”, or “our.”

    Before completing any booking through our Service, you promise to repay us in connection with the funds disbursed on your behalf, in accordance with these Terms and your Agreement, and any other supplements to your Agreement as required by law.

    If you do not agree to these Terms, you must not use the Service. Furthermore, if you require any additional details you agree to contact us prior to completing any booking using the Service.

  2. Financing Terms

    You agree to carefully review the following key financing terms relating to your Agreement with Trip Support prior to completing any booking using our Service. You also agree to retain a copy of the following financing terms and this Agreement for your own future reference.

    You are entitled to pay the full outstanding balance under your Agreement with Trip Support at any time without any prepayment charge or penalty.

    1. Initial Disclosure Statement

      The below Initial Disclosure Statement is incorporated by reference to this Agreement with Trip Support. We are required by law to supplement this disclosure statement if changes to the below statement are made (the “Final Payment Schedule”). The Final Payment Schedule shall be delivered to you within 30 days after amendments are made and will supersede the below or any prices shown on the website at the time of booking.

      a Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Your Selected Interest but cannot be more than 60% per annum
      b Interest rate payable on overdue payment Your Selected Interest but cannot be more than 60% per annum
      c Term in weeks 2-5
      d Total outstanding principal balance Depends on final booking price.
      e Cost of borrowing Interest payment as described above.
      f Total number of payments to be made by borrower (including down payment) Depends on payment plan (bi-weekly/monthly option) and final booking price.
      g Default charges $0; except as expressly provided in Section 3 and Section 4 below.

      The dates and payment options listed prior to finalizing any booking using the Service are based on reasonable estimates gathered at the time of your purchase. This includes all total amounts at the time of completing your travel booking. Your actual payment dates and options will be finalized on the Final Payment Schedule after being confirmed with the airline or hotel that you are booking with.

  3. Default and Deferral on Payment Plans

    If you fail to make any payment when due as required by the Service and these Terms, you will be in default of your Agreement with Trip Support. A default will automatically terminate the Service and may result in the cancellation of your travel booking.

    By accepting this Agreement and purchasing travel plans using the Service, you give us the right to send your outstanding account for collection and to pursue all legal means possible. You also expressly agree to reimburse Trip Support for all cost including but not limited to legal costs incurred associated with collecting any outstanding payment.

    Upon the purchase of any travel booking using the Service, you expressly agree that you will not apply for any chargebacks or stop payments from your card issuer or banking institution at any time throughout the duration of your Agreement with Trip Support and indefinitely thereafter until such time that the total amount owing is paid off.

  4. Interest and Fees

    Trip Support will apply interest of 60% on any overdue account payment continuing for more than 7 days. Trip Support will also deactivate your account in the event of default spanning over the 7-day period. To avoid termination of our Service and the possibility of trip cancellations, we require you to immediately pay the outstanding amount and the interest accrued after the date of default and a $25.00 reactivation fee (“Reactivation Fee”) to continue using our Service.

    If you do not wish to continue using our Service but want to avoid cancellation of your travel booking in the event of default, you must pay the entire outstanding amount including interest within 7 days of a missed payment.

    If you agree with these Terms and intend to be legally bound by them, please click on the “I accept” button below. If you do not agree with these Terms, click on the “I decline” button below. You may only proceed to complete your booking using the Service if you accept these Terms.

  5. Voluntary and Involuntary Refund

    In case of voluntary cancellation of a fully non-refundable product, all instalments of the Book Now Pay Later service must be completed as scheduled, given the product is acquired and paid in full to the supplier by Trip Support Inc. at the time of purchase.

    The first instalment and any incurred late fee (if any) of the Book Now Pay Later service are fully non-refundable in either cases of voluntary or involuntary cancelations. This includes ad hoc schedule changes or cancellations by suppliers.