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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for specific answers to frequently asked questions.

You can find your Trip Support reference or Airline confirmation number at the top of your "My Booking Page" or in your confirmation email.

Your Trip Support confirmation number consists of Four alphabet and 9-digits (TSFP 123-456-789) and your airline confirmation number is a 6-digit alphanumeric code (ex: LW5QAI).

Unfortunately, there can be several reasons for a cancellation. You will find a detailed message regarding the status of your itinerary at your ‘My Booking Page’ . A cancellation email was also sent to you verifying the status of your booking.

In person at the airport or you can also check in directly on your airline’s website available only 24 hours before your departure. You need to know your airline confirmation number which can be found on your ‘My Booking Page’.

Please email us your request at with your name and your confirmation number. You can also contact us 1-855-606-0606

If you missed your flight, contact your airline [Please connect this page to the Airline list] for further assistance. If something within your control caused you to miss your departing flight, the airline will automatically cancel your entire flight itinerary and the value of your tickets will be lost. If you were issued a multi-ticket booking, which is a roundtrip flight with 2 one-way fares, the airline might only cancel the initial segment of your flight which was missed. Cancellation policies are entirely governed by airlines; any comments, questions or concerns should be directed to them.

Most discounted airline tickets are non-refundable. Although non-refundable tickets are the most economical, they are also the most restrictive and do not allow refunds. These restrictions make it possible for Trip Support to continue to offer better fare prices in addition to our existing deeply discounted airfares.

If your booking is eligible for a cancellation, it may be subject to an airline cancellation fee of up to $250 per passenger, as well as any fees or differences in price charged by suppliers. For more information please contact us at 1-855-606-0606

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    Trip Support Book Now Pay Later Plan


    Trip Support Book Now Pay Later Plan


    Trip Support Book Now Pay Later Plan


    Trip Support Book Now Pay Later Plan


    Trip Support Book Now Pay Later Plan