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Rules and regulations about Covid testing seem to be changing all the time, and it is important to stay current with this fast-changing situation. For United Airlines customers, you will want to know if the airline requires Covid testing well before you pack your suitcase. 

The United States of America government requires a negative Covid test taken within three days of boarding or documentation showing recovery for all inbound international travelers, including American residents.

United States of America government requires a negative Covid
Covid test requirements

It is important to carry this documentation with you at all times as it could be requested during your departure or arrival at different stages. Make digital copies of the documents that you can easily access if you lose them. If there are delays or inconveniences caused due to Covid test requirements, do your best to be kind and patient as airport and airline staff are doing their best in a difficult situation.

Some travelers are exempt from these requirements, including babies and children under two years old and U.S. military personnel and civilian workers.


If you’re traveling inside the States, United and ADL Health offers a self-collected, mail-in testing option. After you take the test and mail it 72 hours before travel, you will receive the results digitally to show any authorities requesting it. It is recommended to print a copy as a backup.

Covid-19 test

Covid-19 test

Travelers boarding flights from inside and outside America can book a Covid-19 test through United and TrustAssure. TrustAssure’s healthcare provider network promises customers are offered Covid-19 RT-PCR tests that cover entry requirements for most destinations they fly to and the U.S., including the strictly required testing timeframe.

United Airlines may extend this service to other airports and destinations in the near future. If you are staying at the Houston Intercontinental, you can get tested at the hotel. The handy onsite testing is available for people traveling to any destination.

We recommend getting tested through United, so the results are recognized by the destination you are flying to. If you wish to get a test independently, you may if it’s approved by your destination.

Please check with United Airlines for the latest updates if you hear of any changes to this current rule. The airline keeps information up-to-date on their website and social media platforms, or you can check with your travel agent, who should be aware of any changes.

COVID-19 is positive.

COVID-19 is positive.

 If you test positive for COVID-19, you can’t fly and need to contact your local healthcare provider. According to CDC guidelines, you aren’t permitted to travel on United Airlines flights for at least ten days from testing positive. You also need to have experienced no symptoms, including fever, in the previous 24 hours without taking fever-reducing medications before rebooking. You won’t have to pay fees for changing the date.

Also worth noting is face masks must be worn by law by travelers two years and over. They must be worn inside all airport areas and for the duration of the flight except during meal times. People not following the requirement may be refused the right to travel or face fines.

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