Top Las Vegas Residencies in 2022

Jan 25 , 2022 · 20 min read

Las Vegas attracts some of the best performers in the world who sign up for prestigious residencies that draw in big crowds. With so many major acts including singers, dancers, magicians, and comedy shows, you would see a world-class act every night of your Vegas vacation. 

For tourists from small places seeing star-studded celebrities in person is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even for travelers coming from big cities, it might be a rare chance to see a favorite entertainer never seen before. With so many impressive shows, it is hard to decide which ones to see.

We’ve done our research and found out all the details about some of the shows that are tempting to see. It is no surprise many travelers book vacations to Vegas based on the chance to see their favorite idols. 

Here are 10 Las Vegas residencies in 2021 that are downright amazing to inspire you to book your trip to Vegas soon. 


America's Got Talent Show at Luxor Hotel and Casino

10 Las Vegas Residencies in 2021

America’s Got Talent winner magician Dustin Tavella won a residency at AGT’s show at the Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Strip. The season 16 star joins other impressive AMT acts on a stage that promises fame and fortune for life. Get a package that includes a VIP backstage tour and meet and greet with Light Balance and a photo op that will stay with you forever.

With this epic show, you get a bit of everything, including comedy, music, thrills, dance, and more. Starring spectacular performances from the popular show AGT, you can catch the show five nights a week at Luxor Theater. The entertaining show is suitable for audiences of all ages including children. It’s amazing to see on TV and even more awe-inspiring in real life. 

The show is hosted by Preacher Lawson. He introduces acts like The Clairvoyants, the knife-throwing pair Deadly Games, and The Silhouettes who perform a shadow show like no other. 

Korean-American singer-songwriter and pianist Kodi Taehyun Lee joins the talented lineup. He became famous after winning the 14th season of the top American reality competition show America’s Got talent. You might remember the iconic moment the blind and autistic performer received the golden buzzer. It didn’t take long for him to become a front-runner in the competition. 

There are also special appearances by other celebrated performances throughout the year. You never know who might be on the stage. The lights, music, special effects and stunning costumes are super impressive, and you are sure to be talking about this show for a long time after your vacation is over. 

You’ve seen them on the telly and maybe even voted for them. Now you can see your performing heroes doing their thing up close and personal. Prepare to be astonished by their acts that have been polished and refined since they appeared on the competitive television show that is watched by millions of fans all around the world. There is a lot packed into this awe-inspiring Las Vegas show. 

No city in the world features so many famous acts that are constantly wowing crowds who can’t get enough. Demand is always quite high, so don’t wait too long to buy your tickets.

Usher: The Las Vegas Residency at Colosseum at Caesars Palace

10 Las Vegas Residencies in 2021

Usher brings in the big crowds which is why the 4,300-seat Colosseum at Caesars Palace is the perfect venue for the R&B and hip-hop star. This iconic performer was on fans radar since the early 1990s and hit the big time with the song “You Make Me Wanna…” in 1997.

His most famous hit, “Yeah!,” was heard in dance clubs in the early 2000s and Usher has been churning out epic sounds ever since. With a long career that has had many highs, his residency is well-deserved and often packed. 

The Grammy award winner puts on an impressive show complete with dancers, cool light and sound effects and many of his favorite songs. Fans go wild at the glitzy outfits and cool vibe of his performance. Get your tickets early to grab the best spot in the house to hear his early hits, music spanning his career and his latest music. It’s 90 minutes of pure entertainment. 

Usher starts the show with a video showcasing his career highlights then walks through the excited audience making his way to the stage. Letting fans get up close and personal with him brings the energy levels up and he belts out his first song. Expect costume changes, funky choreography and even some roller skating during the legendary performance.

There’s lots of audience participation, talented backup dancers and mesmerizing acrobatic pole performers. Prepare to be wowed in a show that would impress audience members who weren’t even previously fans of the singer. Expect many fantastic renditions, including You Make Me Wanna, Climax and DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love.

Seeing Usher’s Vegas show might be a highlight of your entertaining time in Sin City. This vibrant Las Vegas show is sure to pump you up.

Billy Idol at The Chelsea

10 Las Vegas Residencies in 2021

When it comes to Las Vegas residencies, Billy Idol is one of the most experienced artists on the Strip. The British rock star has appeared at many awesome venues and is now playing at The Chelsea. Classic songs like White Wedding and Cradle of Love are included in his impressive lineup.

He is joined on stage by guitarist Steve Stevens who is pretty epic too. They pump out rock, pop, metal and punk sounds and the crowd goes crazy every time. Like you would expect, the costumes are magnificent and the sound and lighting effects wow the audience every time.

A lot of planning, rehearsal and coordination has gone into this show which is one of the best in Vegas according to many fans. Billy is a character who likes to shock and surprise his fans so this show features some wow moments that you won’t read about online. 

Many fans are amazed at how slowly Idol ages. Yet, he still has as much energy on stage as he did in his younger days. He was one of MTV’s early superstars. He sold millions of records and collected numerous awards along the way. World tours, hits like Dancing With Myself and being interviewed by media around the globe means not many people don’t know him. 

Tickets go fast for these shows, so grab them while you can. This is a short residency, but if you are not in Vegas at the right time, we are sure this rocker will be invited for another Las Vegas residency at another venue soon. There are so many reasons to catch this epic Las Vegas show.

Kelly Clarkson: Invincible at Zappos Theater

10 Las Vegas Residencies in 2021

Kelly Clarkson is juggling a lot with a TV talk show, judge on The Voice and mother of two kids on top of her energy-consuming residency Invincible at Zappos Theatre in Las Vegas. It proves she indeed is invincible just like the name of her show. 

Another residency delayed by Covid but don’t worry because the show will go on. Billed as an exciting trip through her best hits, the show is a fast-paced musical event with lots of glitz and glamor. What else would you expect from a superstar show in Las Vegas?

Clarkson’s fame followed her win of American Idol where fans voted for her on the popular TV show. The Texas-born singer went on to sell over 25 million albums and 36 million singles globally. She is one of the most popular coaches on The Voice and her TV show is watched by millions. She is loved for her authentic warm interview style as much as her singing voice. Thanks to that and her fame she brings big names to The Kelly Clarkson Show. 

During the show she sings catchy songs including, My Life Would Suck Without You, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), Because Of You and many more. She squeezes in as many songs as possible and of chats to the audience who love her sparkly personality.

Expect epic light and sound effects and fab outfits as well as a fun atmosphere that will leave you hyped to party the night away in Vegas after the show is finished. What a great way to start an exciting night in Las Vegas!

Clarkson recently concluded her contract for her previous record deal which strictly prohibited her from releasing music that wasn’t in the pop genre. Now she’s free to explore soul, R&B and more. Although we are eagerly awaiting new dates for the Vegas Clarkson concerts we know we will see her on stage in 2021 and/or 2022 and can hardly wait. You are bound to be left breathless watching this great Las Vegas show.

Lady Gaga: Enigma + Jazz & Piano

10 Las Vegas Residencies in 2021

Megastar performer Lady Gaga, known for her awesome vocals and out-there fashion statements has a Las Vegas residency at the Park Theater in the Park MGM. With an impressive collection of awards from the Grammys and Golden Globes, the American singer is one act not-to-be-missed. She has two separate shows you can catch.

Enigma is a collection of her greatest hits and Jazz & Piano is a curated concert of standards and feature pieces. Many people say they book tickets for both shows, which are equally as amazing but totally different. 

The Jazz and Piano concert is divided into four parts. Fans are entertained by black and white interlude films between each part as Lady Gaga makes a costume change. Known for her dramatic outfits the costume, hair and make-up changes are an added bonus to the epic performance the songwriter and singer gives during each show.

Lady Gaga features in the b&w films discussing her fondness for jazz and American classics, and gushes over the iconic stars who inspired her, including the much-loved Billie Holiday, Etta James and Dinah Washington. It is a memorable show in an intimate setting that wows fans who follow the powerhouse performer.

Enigma is also an amazing show that starts with a bang. Lady Gaga is lowered from the roof as if she is flying through the air. She performs Just Dance partly from the air and with her dancers on the stage. The stunning start is just the beginning. She performs many fan favorites including Poker Face, Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and The Fame. As expected the show is high-energy with costumes, music and sound effects that are world-class.

One of the highlights of the show is the encore. With many fans thinking the show is over, she returns to the stage while a guitarist plays an intro to the song everyone knows. Although Bradley Cooper isn’t there, this version of Shallow is simply everything. Sitting at her piano Gaga performs the hit singing both parts to the duet and interacts with the audience who are usually going crazy by now.

At the end all the dancers and musicians join Gaga for a final bow. It’s an energy-filled show that is worth every cent of the ticket price. You want to make it to the upbeat Las Vegas show.

Cher: Classic Cher at Park Theater at The Park Las Vegas

10 Las Vegas Residencies in 2021

Don’t miss your chance to dance along with Cher fans at the indoor amphitheater, Park Theater at The Park Las Vegas. This iconic singer has been basking in fame and belting out classic songs for 50 years. To see her on stage is a truly special experience and this show is amazing.

So with such a long history of music-making, what does the Classic Cher show look like? You can expect to hear hits from the 70s, including Dark Lady, from the 80s If I Could Turn Back Time and melodies from her latest album entitled Dancing Queen. Squeezing in fan favorites from every era with style and grace, Cher proves she is one of the world’s best superstars.

Her confidence, charm and striking personality shine and the costumes all have the wow factor you would expect from such a megastar. Her signature wild hair, sexy black outfits with knee-high books and lots of sheer fabric and bright smile are all part of the show.

She improvises and tells stories to the audience between songs and during costume changes everyone is entertained and hyped for her return at the same time. 

Highlights of the show include a video duet of I Got You Babe with the late Sonny Bono for I Got You Babe and Cher riding a huge elephant puppet. Not to mention the disco moments, ABBA renditions and our all-time song to dance to, If I Could Turn Back Time. 

Cher is no stranger to Las Vegas residencies and is showing no signs of slowing down even though she is 73 years old. If you don’t catch her at The Park Las Vegas we are sure she will be rocking another local residency soon.

And when she finally does retire from the big stage, we imagine it will be announced as her last and she will be going out with a bang. Certainly Classic Cher is one of the hottest Las Vegas shows

Santana: Greatest Hits Live at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay

10 Las Vegas Residencies in 2021

Carlos Santana and his rocking band are enjoying a residency at the House of Blues at the popular Mandalay Bay casino. Perhaps one of the longest known runs for residencies, the guitarist has been at the venue for nine years. This impressive run keeps going because it’s so popular and word gets around.

That means it’s a great show to catch and see classics like Oye Como Va and Smooth. Over the years the show has been adapted, improved and modernized, getting better every time according to die-hard fans who see the show every time they are in Vegas. Cool Carlos often carries two guitars and moves about the stage effortlessly. 

Carlos is considered by many as a musical visionary producing music that appeals to many generations. His fan base is diverse because he knocks out all kinds of songs from soulful ballads to catchy pop and rock anthems with talent that proves he really is a class act. 

Every band member has a chance to shine during a solo and the show goes for two hours of epic musical entertainment. This up close and personal show has been getting rave reviews all along. We are sure it will be a big one with special songs added in when Santana hits the decade anniversary of performing residencies at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay.

If you don’t catch the current show, you might want to consider coming back for the next one. You’ve probably seen him on TV, heard his music on the radio thousands of times and seen him on magazine covers but nothing beats seeing this musical genius in real life. 

Why not live it up with a VIP package that can be customized to add limited edition photos and stage-side dining. You can take a back stage tour and enjoy an array of other sensational extras. Splash out and have an unforgettable night on the town with Santana. You won’t regret it because this Las Vegas show is even better than we described!

Shania Twain: Let's Go! at Zappos Theater

10 Las Vegas Residencies in 2021

Canadian pop-country singer Shania Twain has a residency called “Let’s Go!” at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood. This is her second residency in Las Vegas (she was previously at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace for two years). Her latest residency was interrupted due to Covid but has been extended so fans still have a chance to see her show.

Tickets sold out for her first shows. $1 from every ticket goes to Shania Kids Can, which provides services for positive change for kids facing crises and economic hardship. Isn’t it nice to know you are helping this charity founded by the star?

During the show the audience get the first glimpse of the star appearing on a red carpet stairs and the American flag displayed on big screens and flames lighting up the whole scene. Enter the dancers who flit around the stage mostly topless during many of her songs and Shania talks to the crowd to get them fired up.

Then she launches into her musical performance and it’s amazing. Throughout the evening there are many wow moments and Shania has a warm way of connecting with audience members and the band and performers who are part of the show. There’s a dash of illusion and magic and even some comedic touches that makes this show truly Vegas-worthy and amongst the best. 

Shania is the creative director of her residency, which is based on her hit music videos and 2018 tour. The name Let’s Go comes from one of her most recognized tunes, “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” The performance is peppered with old and recent hits including old favs like “You’re Still The One,” and “That Don’t Impress Me Much.”

Twain is backed up by a professional seven-piece band and group of sexy male dancers. Shania brings some glitz to the show with eight costumes designed by Marc Bouwer. Bouwer is a skilled fashion designer who was raised in South Africa and is now based in New York City.

Shania has won five Grammys and is known around the world as one of the best country-pop performers ever seen. This is proven by the number of records she has sold, which is over 90 million albums. You probably have at least one of them in your music collection!

The woman is still going strong with a high-energy performance that even includes fireworks. Dancing all over the stage and delivering song after hit song, the show is always getting glowing reviews from music critics, entertainment writers and fans. Many say her voice has matured and become even more soulful and enchanting.

Moving with the times she rocks out iconic moments with style and grace. If you can catch her show, you won’t regret it. So grab your best jeans and cowboy boots and have a great night with Shania Twain. 

An interesting bonus about attending these huge shows is who might be in the audience. Celebrity friends of the performers are often there in support, especially at the beginning of their residencies. You might even be lucky enough to sit next to someone super famous. What more could you hope for?

Barry Manilow: The Hits Come Home at Westgate International Theater

10 Las Vegas Residencies in 2021

If you are a regular visitor to Las Vegas you might have seen Barry Manilow before. He’s been on the scene for years performing impressive shows that keep fans coming back for more. 

Now he’s in residence at Westgate International Theater in a show entitled The Hits Come Home. This is the same property Elvis Presley once performed on. Manilow has sold over 85 million albums and is one of the best-selling musicians of all time. 

Manilow has had an impressive career collection Grammy, Tony and Emmy awards during the past five decades. The 70-something star is known for hits like Mandy and Copacabana and is something of a legend in the music world. Seeing him play live is an experience that you will never forget. 

Reviews for the show are always positive and many fans go to see him more than once. This long residency started in 2018 and continues into 2023, so there’s plenty of time to see the iconic singer’s show. The lengthy residency proves the popularity of the show.

“It’s an honor to extend our relationship with Barry further as he commits to additional years of delighting audiences at Westgate Las Vegas,” said David Siegel, Founder, President and CEO of Westgate Resorts. “Barry is a timeless entertainer and a once-in-a-generation talent. We couldn’t be happier to continue to have him call Westgate Las Vegas his home.”

Barry loves Westgate too, calling it his home away from home. 

So what can you expect from this Las Vegas show? The show includes huge video walls, stunning sets and crazy special effects to enhance the experience of the performance of top 40 hits.

The show was named a “Best of Las Vegas” Best Resident Performer/Headliner by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and features in the Las Vegas Magazine Hall of Fame. The show gets shining reviews from fans and music critics from around the globe. 

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino has accommodation packages that include dining credits for dinner and tickets to the show. Why not make a night of it and dine at one of the fancy restaurants, see the show then hit the casino to top off the night? You will be singing along with the star and have his songs playing in your head for weeks.

Katy Perry at The Theatre at Resorts World

10 Las Vegas Residencies in 2021

Resorts World always brings the most outstanding acts to their stage and the beautiful Katy Perry is no exception. One of the world’s most iconic pop stars is taking up residency at The Theatre at Resorts World and many people have rushed to buy tickets already. Pre-ticket sales sold out as soon as they were available and she is bound to be entertaining the masses for the 4-month residency.

This is called a mini-residency and there are other stars taking up residencies which are traditionally a year long. The other big names are Luke Perry, Celine Dion and Carrie Underwood. It’s debatable who the biggest star in this impressive lineup is. Fans living in or near Vegas are expected to return for each show. 

The Theatre venue is massive and can hold 5,000 people. Organizers are expected the place to be at full capacity frequently when Katy, one of our favorite American singer, songwriter and actresses, is taking center stage.

We predict one of the highlights of the show will be Perry’s costumes. Known for her love of fashion and bold fashion moments, this star is sure to wow with an array of costume changes that include glamorous, sexy, sparkly and floaty looks. Hair and make-up, shoes and accessories are sure to compliment her look. She loves being the center of attention and once said Freddie Mercury inspired her with his flamboyant and theatrical ways. 

Katy spent much of her childhood singing in church. At 13 years old, Perry was gifted a guitar for her birthday and was drawn to a career in gospel music. She started to write songs and play to small audiences. This lead to her discovery and enviable fame and fortune. A music label signed her up and the hits started rolling in.

So she wasn’t an overnight success story as many new fans assume, but rather music was part of her life from birth. She forged her own path to where she is today and that is on the stage at The Theatre at Resorts World. You might seen her finance Orlando Bloom in the audience or some of her celebrity friends who drop by to support the star now and then, according to paparazzi reports.

As you can see there is an incredible array of amazing shows to choose from. You might need to extend your Vegas vacation to fit them all in with the shopping, partying and other incredible fun you will have in Vegas.

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