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This section is summarizing the main points regarding the “Book Now Pay Later” service for a quick reference. However, our valuable customers shall read and accept the complete Terms and Conditions document prior to booking or purchasing any of our services and products.

  1. The “BOOK NOW PAY LATER” is a new travel finance service that is exclusive to Trip Support customers.
  2. Credit cards are not accepted for the payment of advance payment or other invoices and installments of the “Book Now Pay Later” financing plan.
  3. Before finalizing an order or booking a service or trip, and processing any payment for selected services through Trip Support website, it is your responsibility to review, understand and accept all the terms and conditions, in addition to the applicable fees that you will be charged.
  4. Always review cancellation and refund policies related to the selected services or products before proceeding with the order and any kind of payment. Payments could be non-refundable, and cancellation may result in cancellation fees and penalties. Please contact Trip Support if you need more details and explanations before finalizing your order/booking.
  5. Trip Support is providing a flexible payment plan on a bi-monthly, monthly or weekly installments under the “BOOK NOW PAY LATER” service. Please note that the reservation down payment and all subsequent payment installments as well as the outstanding payment balance, as described in the booking agreement/contract must be paid on the relevant due date in accordance with the payment plan of the reservation. Any late payment (more than 48 hours after payment due time) or failure in payment of the full amount of each installment, in due time, may causes reservation cancellation without prior notice of default or warning and we will retain your deposit.
  6. There is a $25 penalty for each late payment.
  7. Customers advised to provide preauthorization on account to let the Trip Support collect money from their account directly to avoid any penalty or unexpected cancelation due to late payment.
  8. Any insufficient funds on authorization will be required a $25 as a penalty.
  9. The advance payment for booking a trip by using Trip Support “BOOK NOW PAY LATER” plan is not refundable, and it is not transferable. Please contact our agents for more information if needed.
  10. To use Trip Support “BOOK NOW PAY LATER” service, you need to provide the required common and standard documents for booking a trip.
  11. Trip Support won’t conduct a credit check.
  12. The outstanding payment balance of reservation under Trip Support “BOOK NOW PAY LATER” service must be cleared prior to 72 hours of the trip’s departure date.
  13. In the event that Trip Support must retain a collection agency or law firm to collect past due balances owed to Trip Support, you agree to pay any and all collection agency fees, court costs, attorney fees or incidental costs associated with collecting.

If you need more information about the BOOK NOW PAY LATER services and the policy, please call us: 1-855-606-0606 

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