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The Chicagohenge is a natural phenomenon that covers all of Chicago in an orange hue. This happens twice a year and is truly a natural wonder. Mid to late September is the recommended time to see the Chicagohenge. You can also see the Chicago Henge during the spring equinox of whichever year you are in.

What is Henge Season?

Sunset in Chicago

 The best part about the Chicagohenge is that you can look down any street that goes east or west and see the sun through the buildings. Its almost perfect alignment with Chicago Skyscrapers makes for a beautiful site to see that happens twice a year. 

So to answer the question in the simplest terms, Henge Season is the two times a year when the Chicago Henge is easiestly viewable. The reason is because of the earth’s tilt during the equinoxes.

What does Chicagohenge mean?

The Chicago Henge’s literal meaning is simply a reference to the famous United Kingdom landmark StoneHenge. The Chicago Henge definitely means more than just the literal thing though. It’s an almost mystical experience for everyone in Chicago that becomes a fantastic landmark that shows the changing of a season. Whether it is winter to spring or summer or fall.

Henge Season

 It’s hard to really categorize what the Chicagohenge is. But it is a shared feeling that everyone in Chicago can look down an East facing street and see the sun there piering back at them. Although this is only really visible at sunset or sunrise. When the sun is at its topmost point you will not be-able to see the henge as it will not line up with either the north or south streets.

Where is Henge in Chicago?

The issue with asking where the henge is in Chicago is a little bit of a redundant question. You can see the sun all the time during the day in your timezone. So it’s the same with Chicago. It is recommended that you look at the henge at either sunset or sunrise but other than that the henge is everywhere. You just have to find the right street to look down and find it.

What are the Best times to see the Henge?

The Chicago henge is everywhere in Chicago. Because it is the sun you can almost see it anywhere. There are definitely places to see it that are noticeably better than others. The recommended place to see the henge is on Rudolf Street. But as stated above you can go on almost any East/West facing street so the possibilities are almost limitless.

Chicago, Illinois, USA downtown city

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