Best Ways To Get From Mexico City To Puebla

Jun 28 , 2022 · 8 min read

It’s not difficult to get from Mexico City to Puebla. There are several ways to go and they are all affordable. To help you get from Mexico City to Puebla, read on and decide which mode of transportation best suits your travel style. 

By Bus

Ways To Get From Mexico City To Puebla

One of the best ways to reach Puebla from Mexico City is by bus. The ADO or AU bus service is cheap, safe, reliable, and comfortable. Go to the TAPO (Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros de Oriente) terminal to buy tickets or buy them online.

Buses depart from Mexico City to Puebla every 15 minutes from 5 AM to 1 AM, so you never have to wait for long. We recommend the ADO or AU bus companies, but there are others also available. What is the difference?

On average, tickets cost $10 to $12, and the ride takes about 2.5 hours in normal traffic conditions. You will arrive at CAPU (Central de Autobuses) Terminal or 4 Poniente Terminal in the downtown area.

CAPU is about 3.7 miles from the heart of the city. There are usually plenty of taxis at both terminals to take you to your final destination.

If you are landing at the airport in Mexico City and you want to go straight to Puebla, there are also buses from there.

From Benito Juarez International Airport, the nice ADO bus service runs every hour or few hours from terminal one or two.

If you land at a different terminal, you can catch a free shuttle to the terminal you want to depart from. For about $17, you can be in Puebla in about two hours. 

By Car

Ways To Get From Mexico City To Puebla

You can rent a car in Mexico City from the inner city area or airport. Then you are free to travel when you wish and add in as many stops along the way as you desire.

On the other end, you have wheels to explore, and you don’t have to worry about finding public transportation timetables or negotiating with taxi drivers. The only downside is perhaps having to find and, in some cases, pay for parking.

Follow the main route from Mexico City to Puebla. Highway 150D is a four-lane toll road and it will take about two hours if you drive without stopping. The road toll is about $6.

Compared to many other countries, renting a car rental in Mexico is cheap. Even with the compulsory insurance added on, the price is really affordable.

You can expect to pay about $30 a day for a small car which is fine for solo travelers or a couple. A larger vehicle will cost a little more if you are a bigger group or have lots of luggage.

Buy the highest level of insurance you can afford. Although you probably won’t need to make a claim avoid the cheapest coverage because accidents can happen anywhere and anytime.

You can rent a car from the airport. Book online in advance to save time and possibly get a better price.

Before signing the contract and paying for your car rental, make sure you have followed these procedures and have the info noted in case you need to refer to it during your trip. 

By Private Transfer

Ways To Get From Mexico City To Puebla

Another great way to get from Mexico City to Puebla is by private transfer. This easy and stress-free way of travel is great for solo travelers, first-time visitors to Mexico, families, or anyone who enjoys traveling in style.

The trip will cost around $150 and you can book online, ask the hotel staff in Mexico City to arrange it or find a driver when you land.

If you can book in advance, the driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it outside the arrivals gate.

You will be helped with your luggage and on the road in no time. There are many companies offering different-sized vehicles with air conditioning, so you can find what you need with a little research. 

Day Trips

Ways To Get From Mexico City To Puebla

If your time is limited, but you don’t want to miss seeing Puebla, a day trip can be the perfect solution. Famous for chocolate-based mole poblano sauce and a picturesque old town, Puebla is worth seeing, even if you can only spare a day.

Book a trip through a tour company and see the main sights of Puebla without having to plan or worry about a thing.

You will have a professional guide to explain all the places you visit and often lunch is included. Not having to worry about finding each place and arranging transportation is a major plus. Most companies charge around $50-70 for a day tour.

You can expect to buy some Talavera pottery, take photos of the colorful architecture, see the Great Pyramid of Cholula, a building dedicated to Quetzalcoatl and roam around Santa María de Tonantzintla, which is a church with two religions.

Other highlights of a day trip to Puebla include tasting local food, seeing markets and talking a walking town of the historic part of town. The scenery along the way is beautiful too. 

Flying Isn't An Option

Ways To Get From Mexico City To Puebla

Puebla has an international airport (PBC), but there are no direct flights from Puebla to Mexico City.

You could fly from Mexico City to another city that has flights to Puebla, like Tijuana or Monterrey, but the time, hassle and cost wouldn’t be worth it. 


The bus is the most affordable way to reach Puebla from Mexico City. Hiring a car usually works out to be the next most affordable option, followed by a private transfer.

If you have a group sharing the cost of the private transfer, it can work out to be more affordable. In the end, it can work out to be a similar cost if you are sharing costs with friends, for example.

Puebla is an exciting destination overflowing with bright colonial buildings, Baroque-style architecture, stunning churches, endless amazing Mexican restaurants and shopping.

The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including the Zócalo de Puebla, the main square.

Previously a market area and bullfighting arena, this spacious plaza is these days used as a site for cultural and political events and a meeting place for locals and tourists.

You can see the Catedral de Puebla (Puebla Cathedral) and the ancient San Miguel Arcángel Fountain.

You can pick up souvenirs for friends and family back home that you might not find in Mexico City.

The atmosphere is totally different when you reach Puebla and the slightly slower pace of life can be welcome after some hectic days in vibrant Mexico City.

Whether you intend to make a day trip to Puebla or spend a few days there exploring and enjoying the sights, you know exactly how to get there from Mexico City.

Safe travels from Mexico City to Puebla and book your trip soon if you haven’t already!

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