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Planning a Solo Trip to Hawaii? Read the Do’s and Don’ts

Apr 28 , 2022 · 10 min read

Solo travel is an adventurous experience that can be uplifting, inspiring and rewarding. When you go to new places by yourself, it is very different from traveling with a friend or family.

You strike up conversations with people when you are alone that you or they might not initiate if you are part of a group.

You might be extended invitations to join other solo travelers on tours or excursions, which can lead to new friendships. Also, you are free to explore your destination whenever and however you please, without having to worry about what everyone else wants.

These are some of the reasons solo travelers embrace this style of travel that has grown in popularity over recent years.

On the other hand, solo travel can be lonely at times and even scary, especially the first time you try it. There could be moments you wish you had some companionship to have someone to take to, take your photos or share costs with. But for the most part, solo travel is great for the soul.

Hawaii is a great place for solo travelers. If you plan on traveling to Hawaii alone, not only is it possible, but it is also quite easy and safe.


Is Hawaii a good place to travel alone?

Planning a Solo Trip to Hawaii? Read the Do’s and Don’ts

In general, Hawaii is a safe place with a low crime rate. Nowhere is free of crime and you could hear of petty theft or minor incidents late at night after people have been partying, for example.

As with any place you visit, you need to have common sense and care during the day and at night. More on that later.

Socializing in Hawaii

Planning a Solo Trip to Hawaii? Read the Do’s and Don’ts

Just because you are traveling to Hawaii alone doesn’t mean you have to be alone for the whole trip.

Although it might involve stepping out of your comfort zone, you can make new friends in Hawaii and have someone to hang out with and go exploring together.

 If you are staying at an all-inclusive resort, there are always lots of entertainment and activities going on, so it’s a great way to mingle with people in a safe and comfortable environment.

Then you can maybe go on some trips and tours together.

Hawaii is naturally a social and friendly place to be and you will find the locals are very warm and welcoming. Don’t be surprised if you are invited to an authentic luau or social event if you are a single girl or guy on vacation in Hawaii.

These are the travel moments that solo travelers live for and what a great opportunity to see some local culture that you might have missed if you have your whole family or a group of friends along on the trip. 

Where should I go alone in Hawaii?

Planning a Solo Trip to Hawaii? Read the Do’s and Don’ts

Maui is great for solo travelers who want to stay active with activities like hiking, water sports and enjoying the great outdoors. The gorgeous island of Oahu suits travelers who like to party or have some nightlife options.

Kauai is for the thrill-seekers who love adventures like helicopter rides, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and boating. If you just want to chill out in a secluded environment, go to Molokini, where you can enjoy a vacation in peace and quiet.

 With a diverse group of islands, so there is something for everyone planning on traveling to Hawaii alone.

There isn’t really an area of Hawaii that is considered dangerous. Maui has the highest rate of crime but is still relatively low compared to many other places.

So you can feel confident in the cities, towns and rural areas of Hawaii, even at nighttime. Of course, you should follow the safety precautions that you would at home or any other place you were visiting.

Is it safe to hike in Hawaii alone?

Planning a Solo Trip to Hawaii? Read the Do’s and Don’ts

If possible, it is better to go hiking with someone else in Hawaii or anywhere else in the world that you might be exploring.

Even if you are super fit and only hiking an easy trail, you still have the chance to injure yourself, get robbed, get lost or encounter a wild animal that could attack if it felt threatened.

If any of these things happen when you are alone, there is nobody to help you and the situation would be more stressful and/or dangerous.

The weather in Hawaii can be dramatic with it being very hot one moment and possible tropical storms blowing in very quickly during certain seasons.

In the case of hiking, it is better to find someone to hang out with for the hike, hire a local guide or join a group or tour.

Before your trip, join some online travel groups and maybe connect with someone who is going to be in Hawaii at the same time to try to find a hiking buddy.

There are active hiking groups in Honolulu. Here is the list in order of size, starting with the biggest one with nearly 3,500 members to the smallest that has over 200 members (which is still an impressive number.) They are all free to join.

 You can probably do some research and find similar hiking groups on the smaller Hawaiian Islands. 

How much does a solo trip to Hawaii cost?

Planning a Solo Trip to Hawaii? Read the Do’s and Don’ts

The approximate cost of a week-long trip to sunny Hawaii is $2,023 for a solo traveler. You can expect to pay about $100 to $400 per night for a hotel or resort room if you are traveling to Hawaii alone.

As with any place, you can juggle your budget. All-inclusive resorts are always great deals and you have an accurate idea of how much you will spend during your vacation before the plane takes off.

Many solo travelers like to stay in the cheapest accommodation most of the time since they don’t spend too much time in their room and maybe splurge on a more fancy room for 1-2 nights at the end of the vacation.

Don’t treat yourself to a fancy hotel at the beginning of your vacation. The move to the cheaper place will feel disappointing.

It is better to have something to look forward to and at the end of your trip, you are more likely to feel happy to stay in your room since you will have already seen the main sights and maybe spent most of your money too.


When should you not go to Hawaii?

Planning a Solo Trip to Hawaii? Read the Do’s and Don’ts

As a solo traveler, you will probably want to be out exploring and experiencing all Hawaii has to offer as much as possible. So like every holidaymaker, you will be hoping for nice weather.

Therefore you probably should avoid hurricane season, which is from July through November. Although Hawaii doesn’t get a lot of hurricanes, it is more likely during those months. Being cooped up in your budget room for days on end as a solo traveler isn’t fun.

Hawaii sees the most rainfall from November through March. The hottest months which appeal to sun-seekers are from June through October. For some, they love the heat, while others prefer a slightly cooler time of year.

With a swimming pool, the ocean and the air-con to cool off, you should be able to deal with even the hottest tropical days.

The Do's Of Solo Travel

Planning a Solo Trip to Hawaii? Read the Do’s and Don’ts

Keep your bag and belongings secure

Always carry your bag over your shoulder or on your back so it’s not easily snatched. Keep your passport and other valuables in the safe at your hotel rather than carrying them with you.

Carry a copy of your passport if you think you might need it. Always keep a copy on your phone too. If your passport is lost or stolen, it will be faster to get a replacement if you have a copy of it.

Be aware of local laws and rules, especially regarding culture and religion

Research local laws, rules, and etiquette before going to a new country. You should always show respect, especially at religious sites and government offices.

 If you are penalized for breaking a rule or law, say sorry, be accepting and don’t argue. Saying you didn’t know because you are a tourist isn’t an excuse. 

Put emergency phone numbers into your phone

Add the local emergency number to your Smartphone just in case you need it. Also, put in the tourist police number and your accommodation number. Carry your accommodation business card in case you get lost. 

Use apps for taxis

Taxi apps are safer because the company can see exactly where you are with GSP or interactive maps. In the case of any incident, the company will know which driver you were with. 

Dress appropriately

Always dress on the conservative side when traveling, especially when visiting religious and culturally-important sites and official government locations, including embassies, airports and immigration offices. 

The Don'ts of Solo Travel

Planning a Solo Trip to Hawaii? Read the Do’s and Don’ts

Post on social media where you are going next

If you post where you are going tomorrow, you can become a target. Posting your epic travel pics is a fun part of traveling, but saving them for a few days later can be a wise idea. 

Wear expensive-looking jewelry and accessories 

If you are wearing designer clothing, luxury jewelry and fashion accessories, you may get unwanted attention, so it’s better to go minimalistic, especially when out on day tours and sightseeing.

Women can wear a fake wedding ring.

Walk around at night in quiet areas

Stay safe by only walking in busy public areas that are well-lit at night. Avoid dark streets and quiet neighborhoods and get transportation back to your hotel rather than walk. 

Drink too much

When you are alone, don’t drink too much. If you make friends on the road, make a deal you will stay together if you are drinking. 

Carry large amounts of cash

Always carry only what you need and keep some money at your hotel in the safe. Use your bank card to withdraw cash as you need it.

It does take a little courage to travel solo for the first time. But once you try it, you will discover a wonderful new world. Locals will strike up conversations with a solo traveler when they might not do for a family of four.

Other travelers are also very welcoming, and you can find yourself with a collection of new friends from all over the globe by the end of your trip. 

Traveling solo is an adventure that opens up conversations, opportunities, and experiences that you probably wouldn’t have if you were on the road with someone else and Hawaii is a great place to discover all of that.

Just remember it is essential always to stay safe. Common sense, street-smart skills and an awareness of your surroundings at all time is important if you are traveling to Hawaii alone.

Whether it’s your first trip traveling alone or you are an old hat at solo travel, always remember to stay safe. If in doubt, follow your instincts and remember the saying, better safe than sorry! It is a very good motto for free-spirited solo travelers like you!

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