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New York City, one of the most visited cities in the United States, is a destination everyone has on their bucket lists. The city is famous for its crazy nightlife, fashion, museums, world-renowned restaurants, art scenes, and more, which is why it is one of the most famous cities in the world. 

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

New York has a diverse culture with many things to do and explore. Every time you visit the city, you will always find something new. No time spent in NYC will ever be enough due to the never-ending list of things to do.

However, visiting NYC can be a little challenging if you are on a budget. Don’t worry; we are here for your rescue. In this blog today, we will share some hidden gems that make traveling to New York affordable and budget-friendly. 

Choose the Right Time

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

Traveling during peak seasons can cost your pocket a bomb! The airfares and the hotels become very expensive, making it impossible for a budget traveler to plan his travel.

Cheap Flights to New York

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

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Cheap Hotels in New York

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

Hotels in New York are exorbitantly expensive, even if you choose the lowest-rated hotel, they will charge you much more than expected, and the services provided are awful, leaving you with a horrific experience you would never wish for especially while traveling. We suggest you pay a little more than the cheapest hotels available, so your stay is comfortable and doesn’t give you a bad time and experience. Or, if you know your traveling dates, you can book your hotels before your departure dates and grab some fantastic early-bird deals.

Free views of the Statue of Liberty

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

Few know, but you can do many things for free in New York City. You can visit the famous Statue of Liberty for FREE!!! Yes, you heard it right, ditch the expensive Statue of Liberty Tours and get on to the Free Staten Island Ferry and experience the beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty. 

Search for free things to do in NYC

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

You can walk along the high line, relax and picnic in Central Park, walk across the Brooklyn bridge and take a free walking tour exploring the city. The best way to explore New York City according to our recommendation is to travel on foot, you can walk down the streets and admire the neighborhoods, and the best part is it is free!!!

Metro Pass

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

Get an unlimited metro pass, which can help you save a lot on your trip. You have two options; a 7-day pass or a 30-day unlimited pass. Depending on your duration of stay, you can get these passes made. There are many benefits with a metro pass; like discounted rates and you can enjoy free trips after using it a couple of times. Also, traveling through the metro is a great alternative if you are not interested in exploring the city on foot.

Get the New York City Pass

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

You may feel it’s too expensive, however, it really helps save money and also enables you to cover all the major attractions. The city pass offers 6 activities throughout the city. The pass includes admission to the following;

  1. The Empire State Building
  2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  3. American Museum of Natural History
  4. Top of the Rock Observation Deck, OR Guggenheim Museum
  5. Ferry Access to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island OR Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises
  6. 9/11 Memorial Museum OR Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum.
  7. This pretty much covers the main attractions and makes your trip complete.

Look for Cheap Eateries

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

Every nook and cranny of NYC is full of food; luckily, the food is pretty budget-friendly. You can spot food trucks selling some delicious hot dogs, Korean BBQ, gyros, and dollar slices of Pizza being the staple. You can splurge on the food in NYC; trust me, it won’t hurt your pocket. 

Search for Happy Hours

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

Searching for happy hours helps you save on otherwise expensive drinks. You can easily get the buy one get the option (BOGO) during lunch hours in NYC, which is perfect if you don’t want to spend money on alcohol.

Set a Budget

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

By setting a budget, you can track your spending accordingly. New York is one city where you tend to overspend and wouldn’t even realize it. So, we advise you to pen down your expenses before it slips off your mind. 

Final Thoughts

How to Travel to New York on a Budget

New York does not necessarily have to break the bank if done rightly. There is something for everyone in NYC, which is why everyone who visits it falls in love; you just need to know the right spots. So, book your tickets to New York City now and have the time of your life.

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