How To Get To St Bart’s From NYC

Sep 9 , 2022 · 8 min read

The French-speaking Caribbean island of St Bart’s, also known as Saint Barthelemy, is a popular escape for New Yorkers yearning for sun and white sand beaches. New York City is also a major travel hub, so if you find yourself there and are wondering where to go next, St Bart’s could be just the ticket if you fancy time in the sunny Caribbean. 

How To Get To St Bart’s From NYC

In the capital of Gustavia, fancy boats bob around in the harbour; posh restaurants are busy with diners who love great food, and shoppers roam around looking for memorable souvenirs. Historic sites, including the Wall House, 17th-century Fort Karl and Les Petits Saints, keep history lovers happy, and the beaches always glisten as the sun reflects off the azure waves.

Celebrities and A-listers are often seen in St Bart’s, and if you love the finer things in life, you can join them. From the vibrant bustle of funky New York City to the beaches of the Caribbean sounds like a great plan. So how do you get from the city to the sand? Here is how you can get to St Bart’s from NYC.

How To Get To St Bart’s From New York

How To Get To St Bart’s From NYC

There are no direct flights from The Big Apple to St Bart’s but fear not because you can fly to Sint Maarten or San Juan in Puerto Rico and then catch a connecting flight to Saint Barthelemy. There are frequent flights from those airports to your destination of SBH Airport. It’s one of those airports with many known names, including Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barthélemy Airport, Rémy de Haenen Airport, St. Jean Airport and SBH so take note so you don’t get confused if you see variations of the name during your travels. The charming village of St. Jean is where you will land when you arrive on the island of Saint Barthélemy.

Flight prices vary depending on the airline, month and time of day you fly. Special deals, bargain rates and discounts can pop up at any time so keep an eye on our website and social media. We are always up-to-date with the best deals.

From Sint Maarten

How To Get To St Bart’s From NYC

Connecting flights from Sint Maarten Airport (SXM) and San Juan Airport (SJU) are not long, and the transit time is also enjoyably short. With so many people heading in the same direction, the price remains competitive and reasonable most of the year round.

In New York, you can book a ticket with an airline departing from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) or Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and bound for the Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) in Sint Maarten. You will spend about four hours in the air thinking about all the amazing travel adventures you will have in St Bart’s. Just enough time to have a nap, watch a movie and enjoy a meal that might have some hints of the Caribbean flavors that await when you arrive in paradise.

The short travel time between NYC and St Bart’s is just another reason it’s such a popular route for travelers wanted some relaxation in the sun.

Arriving in Sint Maarten

How To Get To St Bart’s From NYC

When you arrive in Sint Maarten, you won’t have to wait long for your connecting flight. That last flight that might be on WinAir or St Bart Commuter that takes you to St Bart’s will only take about 15 minutes. You will fly on a small, exciting plane, although sometimes a little bumpy compared to the bigger plane you were on earlier. If you have nabbed a window seat, the sights out the plane window are breathtaking, and you will be back on the ground before you know it. There are regular flights on both airlines every day.

You can also catch a boat from Sint Maarten to St Bart’s if you prefer to mix up your modes of transport. You can board Voyager, a high-speed catamaran service from Marigot or Oyster Pond. If you prefer to leave from Philipsburg, you can buy a ticket for the Great Bay Express, a fast ferry service.

Tickets on the Great Bay Express are slightly more expensive at $55 to $95, depending on the ticket class. Bobby’s Marina is the name of the departure point in Philipsburg.

Finally, you can hire a private taxi boat from Juliana or Grand Case and be in St Bart’s in no time.

From San Juan

How To Get To St Bart’s From NYC

If you fly from NY to Puerto Rico’s Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport or San Juan Airport, you can catch a flight to St Bart’s after a short transit. To arrive at St Bart’s will take about four hours with frequent flights from both airports. Check out Spirit, United, Delta and JetBlue for flights connecting to St Bart’s. Tradewind Aviation offers a luxury jet service to St Bart’s if you like to travel in style and have a lot of luggage. Book a private charter with your family and friends, and be sure of a fantastic trip with first-class service. The modern Pilatus aircraft is high-tech and glamorous, making travel a pleasure. They also have scheduled charter flights from San Juan to St Bart’s. As you enjoy a glass of wine after taking off, you will be instantly relaxed, forgetting about the fast-paced NYC atmosphere as you slowly get into that chilled-out island life vibe. Tradewind also serves St Barth’s from the Antigua (ANU), Anguilla (AXA) and St Thomas (STT) airports.

Private Jet From New York to St. Bart’s

How To Get To St Bart’s From NYC

If you have a considerable budget, flying on a private jet from NYC to St Bart’s is an attractive option. Caribbean Charter Flights leave Teterboro (TEB) or White Plains (HPN) airports to St Bart’s. You will land in St. Maarten and take a connecting flight as the jets are too large to land at the airport in St Bart’s. This VIP service means you are pampered from the moment you arrive at the airport without waiting in line to check in or worrying about losing luggage. The ride is super luxurious, meaning your vacation begins as soon as you board. You can choose your aircraft and departure time and have customized food, drink and amenities onboard.

Enjoy St Bart’s Beach Life

How To Get To St Bart’s From NYC

One of the best parts of life in St Bart’s is the beach, with so many sandy spots to choose from. At Shell Beach, you can relax with a good book or listen to the soulful music coming from the local bar that you can hop over to whenever you need a refreshment. Sunsets in St Bart’s are epic, so don’t return to your luxury accommodation too early. Take a dip in the ocean, go snorkeling or collect shells during long, lazy days at the beach. There are water sports and boat trips when you need a dash of adventure. Why not try kite surfing or get your scuba diving license during vacation?

Saint Jean Beach, Colombier Beach, Saline Beach and Gouverneur Beach are all beauties where you might see sea turtles, celebrities, exotic birds or starfish as you explore the scenic sandy shores. Get up early to beat the crowds and walk to the far end of the beaches that are not so populated with tourists if you seek some solitude while sunbathing.

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