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If you don’t just want to go from point A to point B then we recommend you go on a good old fashion road trip. Although we aren’t going to plan your road trip because that’s half the fun. A road trip is an ultra personal experience with the people you go with and should be planned by those going on the road trip.

Everyone gets to pitch in and pick the route in which they get to see the most sites that they want to see. But some sites we think everyone should see are Palm Springs, and Salton Sea. Both of these are iconic in their own way and have many photo opts so you will always have memories of the places you visit to hold on to.

Distance between LA and San Diego

The distance to go from San Diego to Los Angeles is around 208 kilometers or 129 miles. This distance can easily fluctuate depending on what part of San Diego you are leaving from and which part of Los Angeles you want to arrive at.

Bus from San Diego to Los Angeles

Best Way to Get From San Diego to Los Angeles

The average time it would take for your bus to arrive in Los Angeles is around 3 hours and 35 minutes. This bus ride is a little on the long side but it also gives you a good amount of time to figure out what you want to do while you are in Los Angeles. 

Buses are one of the more cost effective modes of transportation when going from San Diego to LA. Bus prices in this area can range from $10 USD – $40 USD. The more you pay for your bus ticket you will usually have more amenities on your bus. 

The comfortability of the bus seats are a factor and if you opt for a $10 bus ticket you are most likely going to have a more uncomfortable bus seat. By choosing a more expensive bus you are probably going to have wifi on board, nicer seats, and an overall more enjoyable ride.

Taking the bus from San Diego to Los Angeles is a great option for those travelling alone or without access to a vehicle. So grab a book, or listen to your favorite music to pass the time on your bus ride from San Diego to Los Angeles. 

Best time to drive from San Diego to LA

Best Way to Get From San Diego to Los Angeles

The best time to take a drive from San Diego to LA is usually going to be in the morning. The recommended time is around 8:00am or 9:00am as you will skip most of the traffic and arrive right before lunch time. 


The drive to Los Angeles is only 2 hours so you can easily arrive before it gets too busy. The best time of day is to leave in the morning around 8am to beat the traffic. Leaving in the morning will also give you the entire day to spend in Las Angeles. 


Being one of the most cost effective travel options, the drive from San Diego to Los Angeles is only approximately $20USD for gas. 

Best For

Driving is a great option when traveling with family, your young children, or a group of friends. Being a cost effective and quick option this is the perfect way to get to Los Angeles from San Diego if you have a vehicle. 

If you don’t have a car but still are looking to roadtrip there are plenty of rental options. Although this will increase the price of your trip if you are with a group of friends you can definitely split the price amongst everyone.

San Diego To Los Angeles Road Trip
The San Diego to Los Angeles road trip doesn’t require too much planning and there are some great places that you can stop along the way. 

Great places to stop along your San Diego to LA road trip

Where to stay on a San Diego to LA road trip

What’s the most scenic route to Los Angeles?

While you are planning your drive you may be wondering, what’s the most scenic route to Los Angeles? If you are driving and want to take the scenic route we think that you will love to drive along the coast while heading north from San Diego. There is so much to see all while driving past beaches and exploring the natural landscape.

A coastal drive with the windows open is always a great way to start your trip. Breathe in the beautiful salty ocean air all while driving off the beaten path. 

Train Schedule San Diego to Los Angeles

Best Way to Get From San Diego to Los Angeles

The train schedule from San Diego to Los Angeles often changes week by week and in extreme cases, day by day. This can make planning ahead a little bit more challenging. Typically trains leave at the following times:

San Diego to Los Angeles is a very popular trip to take by train so there are often many trains leaving. This allows you to find a train ride to where you need to go quite easily. 

Travelling by train from San Diego to Los Angeles is not the fastest mode of transportation however it is not much longer than driving. With a smooth ride and no delays the approximate time to reach your destination is around 3 hours 


Depending on your ticket zone the price of your ticket will change. The average cost for a coach ticket is around $30USD  while the average cost for a business class ticket is $50USD. Trains are one of the most expensive ways to travel between San Diego to Los Angeles.

Best For

If you are a tourist and want to enjoy scenic views while you are travelling the train is a great option. You will get amazing views of the landscape without having to go through the rental car process. If you are travelling for business, travelling by train is also a great option as it will give you the ability to work on the go with wifi on board. 


Best Way to Get From San Diego to Los Angeles


Flying from San Diego to Los Angeles is only 1 hour if you have a nonstop flight. While travelling by flight is definitely the fastest it is also the most expensive means of transportation from San Diego to LA.


Flying from San Diego to Los Angeles will cost you anywhere from $80-$200USD. It can be even pricier depending on the flight that you take and the zone that you choose to board. 

Best For

Traveling by plane is best if you are traveling for business. You can use the 1 hour on the plane to collect your thoughts before a meeting and you will get to your destination extremely quickly. After you travel by plane keep in mind that you may need to take a taxi or bus to get to where you are staying. 

Can I Use Public Transportation From the Airport?

Best Way to Get From San Diego to Los Angeles

You can take public transportation from the airport. If you find where you are staying to be located far from the airport,  you will have to take a bus to where you need to go. These buses only cost around $7 USD. These buses are on set routes so if where you are staying is in an obscure place you may have to call an uber or any other ride sharing app to help bring you to your desired location. 

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