Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

Feb 1 , 2022 · 10 min read

There is no better place than Six Flags Over Texas when you are craving adrenalin-pumping thrills. The thrill rides at this massive theme park in Arlington would freak out the bravest of souls.

Many theme park-lovers prefer this Six Flags park over many of the others because it was the first amusement park in the Six Flags chain. As well as having the classic rides that nobody ever gets tired of, they are often launching new rides.So hold on tight as we review the best rides at Six Flags Over Texas. It’s going to be a blast!

Starting with the thrill rides, you better be ready for an extreme experience that will make you gasp, laugh and scream non-stop. Let’s countdown to the biggest day of fun ever!

15: Batman The Ride

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

If you’ve always dreamed of being Batman, this is your chance to pretend as you hit 50 miles per hour on this epic ride. Into Gotham City, you go, and all is quiet at first, then you get strapped into the ride with your legs hanging out, giving you a feeling of fear.

Up you go to descend into a 360-degree loop and that is just the beginning. The loops, corkscrews and g-force jolts keep coming and not even the real Batman can save you now. It’s over two minutes of adventure-packed fun that was worth every moment in the line-up to get on the popular ride. 

14: Harley Quinn Spinsanity

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

After you ride The Joker in the Gotham City area of the park, you will be near the Harley Quinn Spinsanity ride that looks terrifying from the ground. You can just look at the faces of the people coming off the ride to know it’s one of the best in the whole park. Brace yourself for a ride that will leave your mind spinning and be the most fun imaginable. 

13: Runaway Mountain

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

There is something extra edgy about a roller coaster inside. Maybe it’s the way much of it’s in the dark or how it’s all so unknown until you are already on your way. From the outside, it looks like a huge mountain, but inside it is a series of tunnels, caves and mineshafts.

 Hitting high speeds in the dark with glimpses of sharp rocks and black walls, you realize there’s no escape. There are steep drops, crazy bends, twisty turns and some serious g-force that makes it an intense time. It echoes in the mountain and screams fill the air as nobody can hide their happiest version of fear. But, do you dare face your fear?


12: Catwoman Whip

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

According to our sources, this ride is scarier than it looks. Going around in a circle at increasing speed, you can expect to be tilted and spun at dizzying heights. You are flying and maybe choosing the light or dark side on this thrilling ride that is scary as heck.

11: Dive Bomber Alley

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

We will forgive you for not being brave enough to buy a ticket for this ride. It is reserved for the bravest souls. Just looking at the steel arch that rises 16 stories from the ground is enough to put most people off. It is often described as skydiving, hang-gliding and bungee jumping all combined in a single ride.

 The creators include a pilot and skydiver and they really outdid themselves with the scare factor for this ride. 

Wearing a harness, you have plenty of time to sweat as you slowly rise into the sky. Suddenly your body is released into a freaky free fall that reaches 80 mph. Then you swing backward and forwards and might start to enjoy the ride, catching a glimpse of the park as you slow down. 

10: Superman: Tower of Power

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

Want to terrify yourself? Then line up for the Superman: Tower of Power ride that rises 325 feet in the air. The tall steel structure towers over all overrides at the park and is one of the highest rides of its kind on the planet. Like Superman, you get superhero status just for riding this petrifying attraction. It’s debatable if the slow ride up or the fast ride down is scarier. 

The anticipation of what’s to come is made even scarier with your legs hanging out. The first time it only drops halfway to the ground and the second time, you go all the way down at lighting speed. Even Superman would be scared to his core.

9: El Diablo

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

Roller coaster lovers will gravitate to the El Diablo, a ride that carries 32 passengers in a train that travels in a huge loop. It starts off by rocking side to side, gaining momentum until full loops are achieved. By now, you are 100 feet off the ground and flying with dramatic pauses at the top now and then.

Did we mention that means you are upside down? It’s a thrilling ride that is reflected in the facial expressions of the people facing you during the ride. Buy a ticket if you dare!

8: New Texas Giant

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

We love the sign as you reach the pinnacle of the roller coaster. It says, “Wait, let’s discuss this.” Made of wood and steel, this monster coaster delivers a nail-biting ride in a Cadillac-style train that even has horns on the hood. Hitting high speeds of 65 miles per hour, you will soon be wishing for it to be over.

Hold on tight as you rip down tight slopes and steep drops and finally zoom through a row of misty tunnels. Everyone raves about how much fun this ride is and hardly anyone is satisfied with just one turn.

7: Judge Roy Scream

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

This 2.5-minute roller coaster ride was named after the famous Texas Justice of the Peace, Judge Roy Bean. The wooden coaster can be found in Gotham City if you follow the tunnel in Goodtimes Square and has been thrilling people since 1980. It is the perfect coaster for anyone who is new to riding coasters, including children who reach the height requirement of 42 inches.

It offers just the right amount of thrills to get someone addicted to coasters and keen to ride a bigger one. For that, there are plenty in the park to try out. 

6: The Joker

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

You will be screaming all the way with the coaster ride that lifts you 12 stories high then flips you around numerous times as you fly along the track. Your stomach will drop as you experience those unexpected drops, twists and turns. Wing seats make you feel like nothing is secure as you get a free-fall sensation that you won’t easily forget. 

For family rides, Six Flags Over Texas has plenty of fun. Although these rides are more subdued than the thrill rides, they will be exhilarating for the little ones or faint of heart adults in the family. There is also a great collection of kid’s rides for the youngest family members. Here are some of our favorite family rides at Six Flags Over Texas.

5: Chaparral Antique Cars

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

Perhaps the most charming ride in the park is Chaparral Antique Cars. Take your pick as you step back in time and get behind the wheel of an old classic motor. Like a Sunday driver, you can meander along the rural-looking path, over a bridge and past the old gas station. It’s a road trip with not a care in the world.

4: El Sombrero

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

Hold onto your sombrero, folks. This Mexican-style ride is a spinning attraction that promises some sensational spins. Climb into the giant red and yellow hat and find your seat. It goes up and down and round and round and moves more than a Mexican jumping bean on fire. 

3: Boomtown Depot

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

All aboard the steam train that is one of the park’s oldest rides. It is also a favorite ride for regular and first-time park visitors. You are Texas-bound with a scenic ride through the park on the train that is over 100 years old. This authentic train was built over 100 years ago and is still chugging away with no signs of retirement.

With its classic locomotive wheels and pristine carriages, it’s a great experience for all the family. You won’t go over seven mph during this 8-minute ride which is a nice break if you’ve been riding the coasters all morning.

2: Casa Magnetica

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

Are you ready to experience a world that is upside down? Venture on foot through the topsy turvy adventure of Casa Magnetica.

The park has revamped Casa Magnetica (previously the Crooked House of Don Juan) to tell a tale full of invention, illusion and jinxed idols. Don Juan, an introverted architect, built his home on a 34-degree pitch. 

As you enter the rooms, you are thrown off by the feeling of movement and see things that are maybe real or not. Take your time and you will reach the end with the reward of making a wish at the mysterious wishing well. It is a thought-provoking and memorable attraction that you won’t want to miss.

1: Aquaman: Power Wave

Best Rides At Six Flags Over Texas

The newest ride at Six Flags Over Texas will be Aquaman: Power Wave which is coming soon or maybe already open as you read this article. Not for the faint-hearted, the ride sends you on a rollercoaster ride that suspends you in the air, then you zoom along the tracks before making a big splash in the water.

It’s something to look forward to (if you are brave enough). Also, watch out for Pirates of Speelunker Cave which is coming soon. We are hyped to try out the new rides that look incredible.

Eventually, you will need a break from the exciting times. There is much more to the park other than fabulous rides. You can catch live shows like the David and Ralyn Acoustic Show or Ice Carving by Reverend Butter. They always draw in big crowds who love to see the entertaining acts. Or you might like to go shopping for some souvenirs or gifts for friends and family to ease their envy about how much fun you had at the fun park.

When you get hungry, there are many great dining options, such as Bubba’s Texas Giant Hot Dogs or Casa De Las Banderas, which is a sports bar with all kinds of delicious meals. The kids will be dragging you to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Parlor and that’s just a taste of what you can find to eat and drink.

Time your meals carefully because long lines to the most popular rides can make everyone hungry, but at the same time, you don’t want to hit the coasters on a full stomach. Also, stay well hydrated and load on the sunblock because it gets hot in Texas in the summer months and it’s a long day if you have a plan to be there for opening and the last to leave. 

Six Flags Over Texas also holds special events throughout the year. Check their website or social media for the latest news. With so many amazing rides, attractions and entertaining shows to enjoy, you might need to buy a multi-day ticket or a pass that lets you visit frequently. 

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