8 Famous Streets in La

Dec 6 , 2021 · 6 min read

What makes travelling to LA unique is that some of the streets of the city are just as famous as the sightseeing destinations that are on them. When you book your trip you are not going to want to miss out on any of the famous streets that we have listed. 

Ways to visit the famous streets

The most popular ways to get around the city to view each of these famous streets include; 

  • Rental Car 
  • Bus (Sightseeing busses OR tour busses) 
  • Taxi

Another way you can travel around is on foot but you will need a mode of transportation to get to and from each destination to ensure you make the most out of your trip. 

LA has a subway system that consists of two heavy rail rapid transit lines and 4 light rail lines. 

1. Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

Not only is Rodeo Drive just a famous street in LA, but It is also one of the most famous streets in the world. Rodeo Drive is known for its luxury shopping as well as being home to the intersection that the Beverly Wilshire Hotel is located. Many celebrities shop on Rodeo drive so if you are trying to do any celebrity spotting, this is the place you should visit. 

If you don’t have extra money for luxury shopping Rodeo Drive is still a must-visit street as it has incredible window displays for you to do some window shopping. Two Rodeo Drive is a cobblestone-lined beautifully landscaped outdoor mall that is a charming spot to visit. 

2. Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is arguably the most famous street in LA. Home to the Hollywood walk of fame this street celebrates LA’s rich film heritage. This star-studded street is home to the rich history that the film business 

Hollywood Boulevard

Famous Attractions On Hollywood Boulevard

3. Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is almost 40km of beachy road going from Malibu to Hollywood. There are so many things you can do and see along Sunset Boulevard and you can spend from a few hours to a few days travelling along this famous street in LA. 

Sunset Boulevard

The best spots to stop along, sunset Boulevard

4. Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue is a funky eccentric destination that people go to for shopping, dining, and entertainment. You can ride around Melrose Avenue on Bird Scooters, which are electric scooters that anyone can rent on the street. What makes Melrose Avenue one of the most famous streets in LA is its intersection of funky and fancy that can be explored in many different ways. 

Melrose Avenue

Popular Shopping destinations on Melrose Avenue 

  • The Real Real 
  • Helmut Lang
  • Fred Segal

Best Dining Spots on Melrose Avenue 

  • Cecconi’s
  • Mega Bodega Cafe
  • Tree of Wishes
  • Fig & Olive

Best Hotels on Melrose Avenue 

  • Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel & Spa 
  • Banana Bungalow Hollywood
  • BLVD Hotel & Suites
  • Chamberlain West Hollywood
  • Dream Hollywood

5. Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is known for some of the most beautiful views as you wind through the Hollywood Hills filled with many beautiful mansions. You also can see views of the Hollywood sign on Mulholland Drive. There are many overlooks along Mulholland Drive for you to stop and enjoy the view. 

How to get here 

You cannot access Mulholland Drive by public transportation however you can experience it by ordering an Uber or Lyft, or with a rental car.

Mulholland Drive

Best Overlooks 

– Hollywood Bowl Overlook: The only unobstructed view of Downtown LA. You can also see the Hollywood sign from this overlook. 

– Universal City Overlook: You can view Universal Studios and Warner Bros Studios from this overlook. 

– Stone Canyon Overlook: This overlook offers beautiful scenic views and you can even catch a glimpse of the Stone Canyon Reservoir.

6. Wilshire Boulevard

Wilshire Boulevard extends from Ocean Avenue to Grand Ave in the Financial District of LA. A portion of Wilshire Boulevard is called Miracle Mile which is where you can find shopping, restaurants, art galleries, and museums. 

Wilshire Boulevard

Miracle Mile is famous for:

Museum row 

  • Visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art that has the iconic urban lights art installation. Some of our favourite Museum are; 
    • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    • Petersen Automotive Museum 
    • Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Diverse Restaurants

  • A few top restaurants include;
    • Firefly 
    • Republique
    • Rays and Stark Bar
    • La Brea Bakery

Boutique shopping

    • Des Kohan
    • Wilshire Beauty
    • Liz’s Antique Hardware
    • Miracle Mile Toys and Games

7. Olvera Street

Olvera Street is the oldest part of downtown LA and is known as the birthplace of Los Angeles. This street is home to a bustling market, street vendors, restaurants, and cafes. The history of this street gives it incredible charm and is a great place to spend an afternoon strolling the marketplace. 

Olvera Street

Best time to visit 

One of the best times to plan your trip to Olvera Street is on November 2nd. This is when the Day Of The Dead festival is being celebrated and you can partake in the parades, food, and shopping! 

Things to do

8. Santa Monica Boulevard

Santa Monica Boulevard is known for being vibrant and lively. It’s known for being inclusive with many LGBTQIA+ bars and restaurants as well as being surrounded by many attractions. 

Getting Around

Santa Monica Boulevard is one of the most traveller-friendly places in LA with various free shuttles and even a free trolly service for Barhoppers. Other ways to travel around include Bus Lines, the Metro Red Line, Bicycling, and even walking. 

Santa Monica Boulevard


  • Beaches WEHO
  • La Boheme
  • Pump Restaurant
  • Bottega Louie WEHO


  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Palisades Park 
  • The Water Garden 


  • Santa Monica Place
  • Downtown Santa Monica


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