7 Amazing Beaches in Monaco

Jul 6 , 2022 · 5 min read

Monaco is the world’s second-smallest country after the Vatican that is compressed into just 200 hectares of land. But as it is rightly said ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, Monaco even after being the second-smallest has plenty to offer to its visitors. The country boasts some of the finest world-renowned restaurants and hotels along with top-class cafes, chic boutique hotels, glamorous nightclubs, lavish casinos, lush gardens, and well-maintained streets.

From multimillion swanky yachts glimmering down the harbor to the endless pouring in of champagne, Monaco shouts out privilege and luxury which is the prime reason why celebrities love to flock to this country. Another major reason Monaco sees a throng of people every year is due to the world-famous Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Coming to beaches, Monaco’s picturesque coastline has some of the most breathtaking beaches. With 300 days of sunshine, it is the perfect place to get that tan and swim around in the sea. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the blog and know about the best beaches in Monaco.

Plage du Larvotto Beach


Despite being located in the heart of the city, this Monte Carlo beach, Plage du Larvotto has the perfect sophisticated setting, you can sunbathe, swim, and relax on this sandy beach. The beach also enjoys plenty of good eateries that serve lip-smacking food and cocktails. Not only this, the beach is close to the casino and also a strip of luxury restaurants and hotels. The beach is divided into two parts; private and public areas. While people who do not wish to spend can use the free or public area, on the other hand, people who want to splurge and go all out can use the private area of the beach.

 Monte Carlo Beach

Monte Carlo sits on a salubrious silver of land along France’s Mediterranean coastline. The beach is stacked with loungers, parasols, and showers, making everything available for a great holiday at the beach. There are no waves, which makes it perfect to swim and enjoy at the beach. You can also go into the massive pool with heated seawater, made for the cool weather. Apart from this, the beach offers boat rides, where you can rent and ride a boat, and many food joints.

La Note Bleue

The beach is at the Larvotto Beach, as it occupies a certain part of the area. The beach is a popular destination among the locals as well as travelers. People do not just come here to bathe or take a nap but also to enjoy the famous Jazz music which is one of the specialties of this beach. The beach and the restaurant are worth the visit.

Tiki Plage

Tiki Plage is less than a two hours drive from Monaco. It is a sandy spot that takes its name from the Tikki Beach Restaurant. The beach is a famous spot for snorkeling, where you can find around 50 or more than that number of shipwrecks too. It is not that crowded and is perfect for relaxing away from the crowd. You can also rent a pedalo and explore the turquoise waters.

Plage de la Gravette

The public beach is easy to reach from Monaco and is loved by many. If you are traveling with family and kids, this is the perfect place for you to take them. The beach is like a horseshoe in shape and is an enclosed bay which makes it an ideal place for kids to swim and have fun. Close to the beach, you will also find many other attractions such as; an old tow and the Picasso Museum.

Plage de la petite Afrique

 The beach is considered to be one of the best beaches on the French Riviera that is surrounded by stunning breathtaking scenery. The beach is calm and safe, perfect for a dip for all ages. The beach is patrolled with lifeguards every now and then, making it even safer. The beach is covered with pebbles, but they do not feel uncomfortable. This beach is definitely a must-visit when in Monaco or visiting other cities on the French Riviera.

 Plage de Passable

It is a small beach composed of sand and stone. The beach is located in the west which witnesses magnificent sunset views. It has two portions; public and private, and all of it is well-equipped with showers, toilets, and other facilities. So, if you wish to see a beautiful sunset, this is the place for your to visit.

 Final Thoughts

Monaco has everything from beaches, and beautiful landscapes to some mouth-watering cuisines, unabashed luxury, and the perfect temperature all year round.

Though Larvatto beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Monaco, however, all the beaches are gorgeous in and around Monaco. They all boast great views and have something unique to offer, whether it is the blue waters, the pebbled sand, or an enclosed bay.

Indulge in the urban luxury you want and experience the French Riviera like never before. This trip will definitely leave a mark on you for a long long time due to the never-like-before luxurious experience it offers.

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