20 Free and Paid things to do in CocoCay

Aug 30 , 2022 · 7 min read

CocoCay is Royal Caribbean’s 140-acre private island in the Bahamas, which means that only Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships can visit the island. The island is a secluded tropical retreat in the Bahamas surrounded by turquoise waters and white-sand beaches. The palm-fringed beaches overlooking the lagoon make it perfect to swim and snorkel. And, if you don’t want to swim or snorkel, you can relax while sipping tropical cocktails in the hammocks or beach lounges present. 


In 2019, the private island underwent a major $200 transformation, after which the private island in the Bahamas has become a must-visit. 

The vast majority of the area around the island is free and easy to access and enjoy. You can enjoy free access to the beaches, pool, and restaurants.

So, if you want to know all the free and paid things you can do at CocoCay, keep reading.

Free things on CocoCay Island

1. Relax on the Beach

Relax on the Beach

If you don’t wish to spend money on your trip, you can head to the beach. The island is full of stunning coastlines, and the Royal Caribbean has made sure that their travelers should not face any trouble, which is why they have put in thousands of loungers and umbrellas for their travelers to relax and chill. 

You can lay down under the sun and get that tan or play in the water; everything is possible here.

2. Get Pictures Clicked 

chill island

The island named ‘chill island,’ which is just a few minutes’ walk from the shore is blessed with a beautiful landscape that allows you to click some Instagram-worthy pictures. As you cross the bridge and look back, you can see your ship that looks perfectly framed. You can go ahead and get pictures clicked with that background, or if you wish to get a professional photo session done, the Royal Caribbean has some professional photographers there who can help get your pictures clicked. 

3. Beach Sports 

Group Of Teenage Friends Playing Volleyball On Beach

The Royal Caribbean has specially made a small sports complex that offers various sports options. The sports court features a basketball, a volleyball, and other games, including ping-pong. This is a great place to relax and have fun if you are at the CocoCay islands with your family.

4. Enjoy the snack bar

enjoy snack bar

CocoCay island can spoil you when it comes to food. The food is full of flavors, and you can grab a snack from the many snack shacks spread all over the island. 

5. Swim at the Oasis Lagoon

swim at the oasis lagoon

The huge freshwater pool is located in the center of the island and is a great place to chill by the pool or in the pool. You can enjoy the amazing cocktails served at the pool bar without getting out of the pool; isn’t that cool? 

6. Splashaway Bay

Lets have fun. Children in pool.

If you are holidaying with your kids, this is an excellent place for them to enjoy. The splashaway bay is present on many Royal Caribbean ships that offer tons of water features that allow kids to get wet and have fun in the water. 

7. Enjoy Captain Jill’s Galleon

Captain Jill's Galleon

Another fun spot for children to enjoy the water is Captain Jill’s Galleon. The ship is placed right outside the entrance of the Thrill Waterpark and is the first thing you will see when you enter the island. 

8. Swing and Drink

swing & drink

If you have included your trip with the drink package, then you shouldn’t miss doing this. Enjoy the cocktails on the Bar swings at Captain Jacks. While there are many spots around the island to sip your tropical cocktails, Captain Jack’s is a huge bar and Restaurant that offers a great vibe with its music and food. 

9. Indulge in Outdoor Games

indulge in outdoor games'

The island offers both beach sports and some fun outdoor games, including soccer, bowling, Jenga and ping-pong. If you are tired of the beach and what to do something else, you can spend time playing these games.

10. Soak in the sun

Young Woman Enjoying Sunbath On White Beach

The perfect all-year-round weather makes CocoCay the ideal place to visit. Soak in the sun when in CocoCay, as it’s free and the best thing you can do while on a beach vacation.

Paid things on CocoCay Island

While many spots around the island are free, most activities incur a charge. Below are the things you can do by paying the price. 

1. Daredevil’s Peak

daredevil's peak

However, there is a ticket that you will need to buy for admission to Thrill Waterpark. The fee is around $80-100 per person.

2. Dueling Demons Waterslide

Funny scared couple on extreme water slide in aqua park

If the tallest slide in North America is not enough for you, Dueling Demons is another waterslide that will give you goosebumps. The ride gets over quickly but indeed raises your heartbeats for a while. 

3. Wave Pool

wave pool

You can enjoy your day in the large wave pool and lounge in the dozens of chairs that surround the pool, but if you are a water baby, this is the best place to relax. The current of the waves is relatively calm in the shallow area, but as you go towards the deep, the pool waves get rougher. 

4. Relax on a Private Daybed


The island has thousands of lounge chairs with umbrellas that are free to use. However, if you want something stylish, large and comfy, then you have the option to rent out a daybed. 

5. Rent a Cabana


You can also rent a Cabana on CocoCay island. The Cabana is placed in several spots all over the island, including Thrill Waterpark, Chill island, Oasis Lagoon and Coco Beach Club, but the prices for renting a Cabana start from $500 and go to a whopping $1500.

6. Kayaking

Beautiful young couple kayaking on lake together and smiling

There are Kayaks available to rent on the island. If you want to try your hands out on kayaking, you can rent a Kayak on Chill Island at $20-40 per kayak. 

7. Hot Air Balloon

Get on the massive hot air balloon that takes you 450 feet in the air from where you can enjoy the island’s stunning views. 

The ride takes about 10 minutes and can accommodate 30 people at a time. 

8. Jet Ski Tour

Jet ski tour

Head out on a Jet Ski tour on CocoCay island. And, if you have never driven a jet ski before, don’t worry, the guide there will show you the ropes. Explore the island and the surrounding areas of it on your own. 

9. Go Souvenir Shopping

You can shop around in the small Straw market on the island. You can find some small cute items such as hats and sunglasses to take home or if you forgot to pack yours. You can also find souvenirs in the market which are perfect for gifting your family and friends back home.

10. Coco Beach Club

Cocoa Beach club

The Coco Beach Club is a private area where you must pay an admission fee to enter. The price is around $100, which includes access to the infinity pool, waitpersons to serve you drinks, complimentary food, and more.

Final Thoughts

CocoCay Island is a great place to spend vacations with family and friends. The island offers many things to explore, enjoy and relax, as mentioned above. So, if you want free or paid things to do in CocoCay, this guide is for you.

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