10 Gay Friendly Restaurants in Atlanta

Jan 21 , 2022 · 13 min read

Woofs Atlanta

Woofs Atlanta is a gay bar located in the northern half of Atlanta. This bar is almost split in a way where it is half bar and half restaurant. Some love Woofs with all their heart and others find it to be disappointing and lackluster. This bar has a trick up its sleeve with fantastic promotions each day of the week.

No matter what day you find yourself in Atlanta, Woofs frequently has deals going on! Whether it is $5.00 Burger Night or 20% off of all appetizers, Woofs will always have a deal and something going on. Woofs being a sports bar also has many T.V.’s so you can always watch your favorite sport.

They also pride themselves in their welcoming attitude where all members of the LGBTQ+ community can and will have a good time free of hate and judgment. Woofs is also a fairly inexpensive place where you can eat, and have a fun time while not spending too much.

 Although if you are the type who likes to bar hop then Woofs might not be the right place for you. Because of Woof’s northern location, it is the only gay bar in its part of Atlanta. So if you find yourself in north Atlanta why not come over to Woofs and get a drink in this welcoming environment 

Phone: (404) 869-9422



10 gay-friendly restaurants in Atlanta

The next bar we will be looking at can be found in the heart of Atlanta. With non-stop hip-hop music this place is where you want to be. With overwhelmingly positive reviews Bulldogs is the place where you want to go. Unlike the aforementioned bar, Bulldogs does not also function as a restaurant, it is strictly a bar. 

That means that there are no reservations and it is first come first serve. As of October 14th of 2021 masks are required for entry. But don’t let that keep you from having a good time. Bulldogs is also one of the most long-standing bars in Atlanta, Georgia seeing many others close down in its lifetime.

It has survived many difficulties in the past and it looks like they are also going to survive the COVID-19 Pandemic. Everyone is welcome at Bulldogs and people from various ethnicities and backgrounds have found a sense of community here. Like every other bar on this list, you will need to be over the age of 21 and show ID.

A very important thing to note is that you are not allowed to bring in bags, purses, or fanny packs to prevent drugs or weapons from entering the building so it’s best to leave those in the hotel and to only bring cash because of their cash-only policy.

The best part of Bulldogs is if you are part of the United States military you drink absolutely free. So after a long day of serving your country why not head to your favorite gay bar in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Phone: (404) 872-3025

Flying Biscuit Café - Midtown

10 gay-friendly restaurants in Atlanta

Flying Biscuit Cafe is a gay-friendly restaurant located in Midtown Atlanta. The Flying Biscuit Cafe specializes in Southern food and has one of the best breakfast menus in all of Atlanta. Flying Biscuit has a near-perfect record with health and safety so if cleanliness is important to you, you do not have to worry about coming here.

If you don’t feel like going out, Flying Biscuit offers both take-out and delivery. Their large menu makes it the perfect place for groups and picky eaters as there is always something for everyone. With everything from Crab Cake, Eggs Benedict topped with Hollandaise sauce and dreamy creamy grits to their fan-favorite Flat Iron Steak with Mushrooms, Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans.

Those two items barely scratch the surface of what Flying Biscuit Cafe has to offer. A wide and diverse menu that will have you leaving full and coming back for more. If you are wondering if they are open due to the pandemic the answer is yes, they are open for dine-in.

They have been serving food for over 25 years and have been in Midtown, Atlanta since 2003 so they know a thing or two about food. So why not have the best breakfast of your life at Flying Biscuit Cafe. This wonderful LGBTQ+ friendly place will be what you are looking for. 

Phone: (404) 874-8887


Las Margaritas Latin Restaurant Tequila & Rum Sports Bar

10 gay-friendly restaurants in Atlanta

Las Margaritas Latin Restaurant Tequila & Rum Sports Bar has a long name and an even longer menu. Sadly if you are heading to Atlanta within the next few months this restaurant may be closed due to a recent fire. However, they are repairing and will come back stronger than ever. This is your typical American-Mexican restaurant.

With guacamole, fajitas, and all of your other favorite Mexican dishes. Originally this restaurant was started in 1964 but has since changed ownership around 15 years ago. This restaurant is a Mexican experience offering many different types of appetizers, entrees, and drinks.

Feeling wild? Treat yourself to a fishbowl drink and take an Uber or cab home, or you could have a romantic evening full of tacos and sangria. No matter what walk of life you are from or who you are with, this restaurant will have the best Mexican food in all of Atlanta.

Las Margaritas has all of your Mexican classics but is made in new and different ways. It has tons of drink options to keep the party going so your fun will not end as long as you are there.

They also have vegetarian and vegan options. Las Margaritas Latin Restaurant is located on Cheshire Bridge Rd, with a large menu, some large drinks, not too large prices, and large fun. 

Phone: (404) 873-4464



10 gay-friendly restaurants in Atlanta

Mary’s is a bar found in the heart of East Atlanta. Mary’s is considered to be a hole-in-the-wall bar that welcomes everyone. Mary’s is open from Wednesday to Saturday so if you find yourself in east Atlanta from Sunday to Tuesday then you are out of luck.

There is a Five dollar fee to enter Mary’s due to COVID-19 restricting how many people they can have inside. Once you pay that small fee you may enter like any other bar. Mary’s is host to fantastic Karaoke nights and even better, their famous drag shows!

Mary’s is also a highly rated LGBTQ+ bar and is considered to be one of the best in the world stated by Out magazine and The Logo Channel. Mary’s has a fairly bare-bones and simplistic style of the website so head on over to their Instagram @marysatl to learn about all of the events that are going on.

Mary’s requires you to show your COVID-19 Vaccination papers to enter before their $5 dollar fee. So if you ever find yourself in east Atlanta’s heart why not head to Mary’s.

Where anyone is welcome anytime. Mary’s is also very close to Brownwood Park and Recreational Center so you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the park and finish it off with some drinks with your friends.

Phone: (404) 624-4411


Blake's On The Park

10 gay-friendly restaurants in Atlanta

Now that we are more than halfway done we really hope that you have found the LGBTQ+ restaurant or bar you want to go to. If not we still have a few more on this list that we think you will love. In the words of Blake’s On the Park’s website “Blake’s is your Neighborhood Bar with Great Music, Live Entertainment, Delicious Food & Drinks.

” That is what perfectly sums up Blake’s On the Park. They have a wonderful atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone of all shapes, sizes, colors, and sexualities. Not only is Blake’s welcoming to all but they are also open all the time. Blake’s is open every night of the week and has something special every night as well.

Whether you are heading there for Saturday Pop Music or Latino Tuesday, Blake’s will always have something going on that night. From Monday to Friday Blake’s On the Park is open from 3:00 pm to 3:00 am. If you want more than just appetizers then Blake’s is the place for you. Blake’s offers all of your favorite pub classic meals.

They also offer a mystery meal called Right Now Just Now. This changes on a daily basis and the price will fluctuate so make sure you talk to the chef about it before you order, especially if you have allergies or food sensitivities. One of their pub favorites is the Juniper. The Juniper is a grilled steak served with onions all carefully placed in three soft shell tacos.

Blake’s also has a wide variety of drinks and some are made right here in the city of Atlanta which makes it a unique spot as you can try out one of Atlanta’s homemade brews.

Phone:(404) 892-5786


Friends on Ponce

10 gay-friendly restaurants in Atlanta

Friends will be your new favorite bar once you visit. The name “friends” originated because of their wonderful atmosphere that you will remember for many years. Friends are also a very giving business that is constantly hosting charity events that cover Big Queer Fundraisers, Toy for Tots, and many more.

Depending on what time of year you are traveling, you might be able to support a good cause while you visit. Friends also have weekly events like Sip and Sing which take place every Tuesday where you can eat, drink, and have a good time all while singing your favorite karaoke songs. No matter who you are, you will be welcomed at Friends on Ponce, after all, they are friends with everyone.

Two other popular events Friends hosts are Mixtape Mondays and their Sunday Drag Show. The first event of the two, Mixtape Mondays is entirely themed around playing non-stop hits from the 80s and 90s. So if you ever want to drink and rock out to Abba’s Dancing Queen then Monday night is your night to shine.

Last but not least, this event is their Sunday Drag Show. This event to put it simply is Friends on Ponce’s one and only drag show. It happens on the 2nd Sunday of every month and is constantly featuring new faces. We think that you will love this place and hope that you stop by if you are either moving to or visiting Atlanta any time soon.

Friends on Ponce as the name says can be found on Ponce De Leon Avenue and don’t worry if you will be welcomed or not because we are all friends here.


Website: (404) 817-3820

Joe's On Juniper

10 gay-friendly restaurants in Atlanta

As we are nearing the end we are once again going to take a little break from the bars and focus a bit on LGBTQ+ friendly restaurants. Joe’s On Juniper is a great family-friendly restaurant with a large menu to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Joe’s offers everything from burgers, wings, and tacos to artisanal foods like soups, salads, and flatbreads.

Joe’s is also open in the morning so you can always head there for brunch and have a good time with your friends while eating eggs or Joe’s very own Morning Bowl. The Morning Bowl comes with a biscuit in a bowl full of Quinoa, Egg, Arugula, Tomato, and you can add meat to it if you like.

If you like chicken and waffles then their Flaming Waffle Club Sandwich is the brunch item for you. This item has Nashviles hot and spicy chicken with bacon eggs and maple syrup. Just remember this place isn’t a diner or a drive-in, it’s a dive bar that welcomes all.

You can go late at night and get drinks with your friends or go in the morning and get Brunch together with those who are not over 21 yet. Joe’s On Juniper is a fairly energetic place but it’s not too loud so you will still be able to talk with others at your party and at your table.

When Joe’s gets busy you might be waiting a bit for your food but that is only a testament to how amazing this restaurant really is. 

Phone: (404) 875-6634


My Sister's Room

10 gay-friendly restaurants in Atlanta

As we near the end of this list we hope you have found a place to go, if not we still have two more starting with My Sister’s Room. My Sister’s Room is a lesbian bar that can be found in north Atlanta. This Bar has all of your bar food favorites from Wings to Tacos.

This bar serves Atlanta’s best wings and is also its number one lesbian bar. My Sister’s Room has a $20 dollar USD entrance fee to get in and once you are in you can pay an extra $10 to see the drag show. This bar isn’t lesbian exclusive as they also let in bisexuals and transgender women. Keep in mind that like every other bar on this list you have to be over 21 years of age to enter. 

Phone: (678) 705-4585 


Apres Diem

10 gay-friendly restaurants in Atlanta

Apres Diem is the fanciest option on our list and the perfect place for you to go on a romantic date with your significant other. Despite their sophisticated look Apres Diem is a very relaxed palace where everyone is welcome. Apres Diem is definitely the place for you if you like the more artistic side of life.

Apres Diem is host to local jazz musicians playing every Wednesday to serenade you while you make memories. Apres Diem is also home to many pieces done by local artists. Apres Diem has DJs on Friday and Saturday nights.

With both extensive Brunch and Dinner menus, this restaurant will have you coming back day after day with their new takes on classic European Dishes. Apres Diem have also recently celebrated their 21st anniversary of being open and are looking to be open for another 21.

This restaurant is more expensive and caters to those willing to spend more money. The average cost of dinner at Apres Diem will be around $40-50 USD. Apres also has a large selection of wines and liquors that will suit any occasion needed.

Apres is open Monday to Friday from 12 pm to 11 pm or 12:00 to 23:00 and on the weekends their hours are 11 am to 11 pm or 11:00 to 23:00. Head over to Apres Diem for a fancy date night full of amazing wine, local jazz that is out of this world, and a meal that will have you coming back for more. 

Phone: (404) 872-3333


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