10 Events in Snohomish County

Oct 17 , 2021 · 4 min read

If you find yourself in the quaint county of Snohomish or if you are thinking of booking a vacation there, here are a few events that will make it a trip for the books.

Snohomish Wine Festival (March)

Snohomish Wine Festival

The Snohomish Wine Festival is planned to take place on March 5th, 2022, and it has an affordable price of only $30 USD for general admissions. If you end up going with a group of friends and decide to be the designated driver, you can get into the wine festival for a lower cost of only $10 USD.

All tickets also come with a $5 food voucher, and those who purchase the general admissions get $1 off a glass of wine.

Edmonds Art Festival (June)

The Edmonds Art Festival features a variety of different art-related things. You can watch masters of their craftwork away at everything from sculpting to painting. The Edmonds Art Festival also features activities for kids, so it will be fun for the whole family. 

If you get hungry at the festival, there are plenty of food vendors. After you order and eat, why not head to the store where you can purchase art made by students or professional artists?

Arlington-Stillaguamish Eagle Festival (February)

Arlington-Stillaguamish Eagle Festival

The Arlington-Stillaguamish Eagle Festival is an annual event in which eagle-watching takes place. Next year’s festival will take in February, though the precise date remains unknown. The festival always takes place in the earlier months like January and February because that’s when the eagles return to eat the local salmon. 

If you are a fan of bald eagles or birds of prey in general, this festival is for you. 

Kla Ha Ya Days in Snohomish (July)

Kla Ha Ya Days Festival is one of the largest events in Snohomish and is a must-see. Kla Ha Ya Days is a four-day event that takes place in July. The event kicks off with a Carnival that lasts throughout the event. On the last day, there is a Salmon Bake and a Car show for automobile enthusiasts. 

Kla Ha Ya Days is a quintessential event to attend at least once if you find yourself in the Snohomish area in late July. It’s overall a great event.

Darrington Bluegrass Festival (July)

Darrington Bluegrass Festival

If you are a fan of old country music, we recommend the Darrington Bluegrass Festival. Unfortunately, this festival was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19, but the event organizers are hoping to organize this beloved festival in 2022. 

The Darrington Bluegrass Festival originally started as a group of men getting together to jam and play music together, but it has grown into one of Darrington’s staple festivals. Hopefully, everyone will get to hear the banjo and fiddle in 2022. 

Stanwood-Camano Community Fair (August)

The Stanwood-Camano Community Festival was once considered one of the best fairs in the west. This fair, like many others, was cancelled because of the pandemic, but next year’s event seems to have the green light. Stanwood-Camano Community Fair has many things to do and see. 

If you want excitement, we recommend you get an unlimited-use wristband that will let you go on as many of the carnival attractions you want. After you have had your fair share of rides, check out the concession stands and buy yourself a tasty meal.

Everett Sausage Fest (September/October)

Everett Sausage Fest

Hopefully, you are a meat lover because this event is all about meat! The Everett Sausage Festival was another event that was cancelled due to Covid-19, but it will return for 2022. The festival has so much to offer. 

You can start off with some sausages, then move on to carnival attractions. Then finish your trip off by listening to live entertainment. 

Taste of Edmonds (August)

If you want to do something good for the Edmonds community and happen to be there in August, we recommend you check out the Taste of Edmonds. The Taste of Edmonds is a charity event with the main purpose to help those in the Edmonds community. The Taste of Edmonds has food and drink, but take note that it is 21+ only. Taste of Edmonds also has live music and corn hole. 

So why not get a drink, some fries, and play some corn hole with your friends? Taste of Edmonds lets you have fun while helping those in need.

Marysville Strawberry Festival (June)

Marysville Strawberry Festival

Last but certainly not least, we have the Marysville Strawberry Festival. This Festival has everything from a talent show to a parade. If you find yourself in Snohomish County in June, this festival is for you. It is one of, if not THE largest festivals in Snohomish County. We recommend the Fashion Show, where for a reasonable price of $25 USD, you can watch people show off the latest Summer fashions from this very town. 

If you like running and want to support a good cause, we suggest you sign up for the Berry Run. It had yet to be announced whether the Marysville Strawberry Festival will occur in 2022.

Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival (September)

The Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival takes place in September when most head off to college or university. This festival will be a fun family adventure with many games to play and events to watch. If you are on a tight budget, don’t worry–the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival is completely free to attend. 

So, enjoy the plethora of food, the live entertainment, and the parade. Next year’s festival is taking place from September 7th-11th.


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