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Best Bora Bora Vacation Packages 2021



The best way to explore the island is undoubtedly on a 4x4 tour. Tour companies like Vavau, Natura, and Tupana offer tours around the island on 4x4 vehicles, and the drivers will act as tour guides as they tell you about the island's historical sites and natural landscapes. These tours bring you along stunning, picturesque vistas, so make sure you bring a camera!
Marita Beach, the largest public beach in Bora Bora, is a stunning mile-long landscape of white sand, turquoise waters, and skies the color of lapis lazuli. Along with the usual beach activities, the beach offers resorts, shops, and restaurants, so it's a great place for a day trip. The beach, though popular, is never overly crowded, so this location is perfect for rest and relaxation.
Bloody Mary's is the most famous restaurant of Bora Bora, and if you visit the island, you have to visit this locale. The building is constructed of bamboo and faces the water—no wonder it's a favorite among celebrities. Here, you'll be able to feast on fresh fish, other meats, and vegetarian options, all while washing the food down with signature cocktails.

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