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It’s stressful, annoying, and sometimes a little embarrassing, but it has happened to the most travelers more often than you might imagine. 

If your name is on the American Airlines missed flight list one day, here is all the information you need. 

First of all, relax because if your flight took off without you, it is pointless to be upset and stressed out. American Airlines is ready to help you get to your desired destination on the next possible flight.

American Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Airlines Flight Policy

If your flight is canceled or a delay means you miss your connecting flight, the airline will rebook you on the next available flight. Your bags will be rerouted when you check-in for your new flight.

Missed Connecting Flight

If you are on the plane and realize you will likely miss your connection flight, ask airline staff for advice. Sometimes if the first plane is significantly delayed, they will make announcements about what to do once you land.

If you are on the ground and realize your flight will be missed, you can use the American Airlines app or website to rebook or find an American Airlines desk or self-service kiosk for help. If you can’t find a desk, there are information desks dotted around most airports and they will point you in the right direction.

Arriving On Time

It is recommended you arrive at the airport at least three hours before your flight to allow enough time to check-in, clear immigration and security and have time for some duty-free shopping before heading to your gate. But sometimes, life doesn’t go that way. 

Suppose you arrive within two hours of your flight and miss it because you can’t check-in or reach the gate in time. In that case, American Airlines has a policy allowing travelers to be on standby for the next flight with available seats without any charges. This covers some situations, including:

Missed Your Connecting Flight

If you realize you will arrive less than two hours before your plane takes off try to contact American Airlines for advice and assistance. 

Always allow plenty of time to get to the airport as you never know when you might have car problems, face traffic jams, or need to stop along the way for various reasons. If you have your own car, the parking ticket is a great way to validate the time you arrived at the airport. A taxi receipt will also show your airport arrival time. Or you can simply take a selfie of yourself at the airport followed by a screenshot of your phone showing the time. This might come in handy if staff as you to prove you were at the airport within two hours of your flight. 

If the flight you missed was the last one of the day, you would need to book another ticket at your own expense. If your connecting flight is with another airline or codeshare flight, you may have to pay a fee for the difference in airfares or to change the flight. 

Don’t Panic You Missed Your Connecting Flight

Don’t freak out if you miss your connecting flight. It happens to travelers all over the world every day. While it is stressful and frustrating, airline staff understand it probably wasn’t your fault and there was nothing to do to change the situation.

Missed Connecting Flight

Hopefully you won’t miss your flight, but if you do, remember to try to stay calm and be as patient as possible. Staff will be there to help and get you to your destination. Before you know it, you will be relaxing on a sunny beach, shopping up a storm, or enjoying some local culture in a new place.

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